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I am for Love
I am for abortion.
I am for woman having choice over her body and her life.

I go along with medical understanding of pain in the developing human body. Foetuses do not feel pain before 24 weeks. Even after 24 weeks, a foetus is naturally sedated and unconscious in the womb
(BBC, posted 24 June 2010, accessed 19 April 2017).  

Pro-life – no matter what - seems to be anti-nature. Because the human body normally rejects 60-80% of fertilised eggs. And because nature aborts.

Nature Aborts Stone egg
Spontaneous abortion, also called miscarriage, is vital to healthy reproduction.
For animals, abortion is an adaptive response to resource scarcity.
Caribou are aborting big-time because oil-searching humans are stripping bare the forest and meadow.
Orcas are aborting massively because fish-hungry humans have depleted the salmon.
For humans the scarcity of resources can be emotional, financial and spiritual.
Women cite emotional and financial scarcity as the most common reason why they choose abortion (Valerie Tarico, posted 4 May 2016, accessed 19 April 2017).

If you consider life to be a sperm or an egg, then why does nature often discard them?

The future viability of eggs is already being established when they are developing (Stephen Hall, Discover Magazine, posted 29 May 2004, accessed 19 April 2017). So, nature is already preparing natural abortion before the egg is even formed!
Must we stop menstruation and ejaculation because so many spermatozoa and eggs are destroyed in natural life cycles?

If you believe life starts at fertilisation, then why does na
ture routinely reject most fertilised eggs?  It normally rejects 60-80% of fertilised eggs within days
(Stephen Hall, Discover Magazine, posted 29 May 2004, accessed 19 April 2017).

What Abortion Debates Miss Flower egg
What seems more relevant than the physical life is the developing emotional and subtle bodies of the unborn child. We need to care for the incoming spiritual being.
A harmonious and spiritual pregnancy is ideal.
If the mother is feeling violated (e.g. due to rape) or unable to cope (e.g. pregnancy at young age), her emotional state will be distressed and conveyed to the developing soul.
If she wants to continue her pregnancy, the likes of flower essences may help her tackle her issues.

What I am saying is that if you want the best for the foetus, deal with the emotional, mental and spiritual state of the 'motherbaby' (mother-to-be and unborn as one). See Preparing for Conception and Prenatal Bonding.

So, if we truly want to be for life, surely we need to make sure humans have enough emotional, financial and spiritual resources?
We need a Culture of Love, where money needs to be eliminated or where everyone has a sufficient universal basic income.

Body and golden egg sculpture


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