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Many Hands
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System of Cogs
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Citizens' Assembly graphic
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White Supremacy Chess
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Earth with Red Sky
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Graphic of many hands of different colours reaching to a centre, so forming a circle Abortion Politics

There are several angles to Abortion Politics.

The Money System

As previously outlined in Abortion, there is a need for society to share their resources equally. An unequal world = a world where abortion will be more likely. This is simply because poorer mothers/families are not allowed the resources to raise their baby.
Cruel economic policy causes abortion. For example, in the UK in 2020, many women are aborting because of the two-child limit on child support welfare. In uncertain times, these women realise that it is too risky to have three children. See here, here.
So, politically, there is a need for a new Money System. Excellent ideas like Universal Basic Income (UBI) and Universal Basic Services (UBS) need to be implemented.

A system of interlocking golden cogs

Citizens' Assemblies

Abortion debates can become stuck in existing political structures for decades. The way to resolve them is by using Citizens' Assemblies. Ireland did this in 2018. Ordinary people - not the politicians - got together and were able to explore the issue. It was solved! The earthly law reflected the overriding wishes of the people.
Learn more about how Citizens' Assemblies work here.

Graphic of a colourful group of people superimposed on a Earth grid, intended to resemble a Citizens' Assembly

White Supremacist & Nationalist Politics

The darkest side of Abortion Politics is in how it has been hijacked by right wing politics. It is used to enforce hateful racism. In the Rich World of the USA and Europe, white supremacists are afraid of losing their ill-gotten dominance. The power of white people is being diluted by the influx of immigrants from the Poor World. White power is in danger and they incite fear by talking of a white genocide. 
What they don't mention is that the white man's power only came by the horrific colonisation and exploitation of the Poor World and its resources. The Capitalism set in motion by these white people has now damaged the world so severely that we have the Climate and Ecological Emergency, where terrible weather events are forcing famines and wars and massive migrations. 
White supremacy wants to block these immigrants and also increase the white population. They do this by creating hostile environments for immigrants and by incentivising white procreation and by denying abortion.
In essence, anti-abortion is a white supremacist political policy.

A chess board set up with all its pieces, but two additional giant white figures walk over the board, intended to give the impression of white supremacy

Patriarchy/Religion & Its Misogyny/Control of Women

One of the main themes of patriarchy and many religions is that Woman is less than Man. One of the ways they enforce this ideology is that they control the body of Womyn.
But Wimyn are not a sub-category of men.
Womin seeking abortions and their allies should not be legislated against and assaulted and even killed by fascist, terrorist Christian politics. This is especially obvious in 2021 Texas and the USA, where there is even a bounty of $10,000 (see here, here) to expose allies to the authorities.
This intertwining of the political and religious is fictionally portrayed in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale as the totalitarian theonomic Republic of Gilead. It has non-existent reproductive rights, which is where the USA seems to be heading.
When abortion rights go, other body-related rights will (soon) follow: contraception, travel, reproductive (e.g. IVF), LGBTQ+ (e.g. gay sex, gay marriage), interracial marriage. Also they'll be gunning for the rights of: BIPOC, poor, disabled, minorities, refugees, etc. - of which women are the most afflicted.
Wimmin surely need to be protected, loved and allowed choice?

Washington DC in the Republic of Gilead, where the Washington Monument has been replaced with a cross, thousands of uniformed Handmaids are assembled
Washington DC in the Republic of Gilead (Hulu)

The Money System
Citizens' Assemblies
White Supremacist & Nationalist Politics
Patriarchy/Religion & Its Misogyny/Control of Women
Earth half-submerged in water, with a red sky

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