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Strange blue ball in nature Allergies

 Although allergies can be genetic or environmental, the explosion in allergies in the 21st century is surely largely down to environmental factors (
jeans/genes are worn by the environment). We have been messing with our environment big time. So, what are these environmental factors that create hypersensitivity of the immune system?
I suspect that microbiome disruption is the main cause.

Microbiome are the healthy bacteria in our gut and on our skin that probably outnumber our body cells. The microbiome we receive
at birth and in early life basically programmes our immune system. This microbiome programming is especially from mother at birth, and also our immediate environment. This is explained in the documentary MicroBirth

So, we see the probable main causes of the allergy explosion:-
All these compromise the young immune system.
So, I find it bizarre when scientists get excited about breakthroughs in allergy treatment, such as here.
I also think bans on peanuts in public places is not really addressing the long-term answer. Soon, we will ban so many things from public places that public places will be voids.

The simple long-term answer is birth naturally at home, breastfeed, minimise medicine, connect with nature.

  • If you cannot birth vaginally, you can use a vaginal swab. See here for how. Also see here.
  • Medical interventions such as use of synthetic oxytocin, antibiotics, C-section and formula feeding interfere with or completely bypass the natural processes of childbirth. (See MicroBirth)
  • Baby has the best chance of a healthy immune system when it is born by natural vaginal birth, then has immediate skin-to-skin contact and is breastfed. In this way, the baby is properly seeded with the mother's own bacteria and the baby's immune system can reach full "completeness". Consequently, that baby has significantly less risk of developing a non-communicable disease in its lifetime. That baby will be stronger and healthier. (See MicroBirth)
  • The best place to have a birth is the mother's home, as it is where her microbes flourish (Michel Odent cited in Midwifery Today E-News, posted 26 October 2016, accessed 27/10/2016). Giving birth at a hospital by C-section seeds the baby with nasty hospital bacteria, which brings higher risk for baby of certain diseases (e.g. allergies, autoimmune diseases, obesity).
  • "Humans have co-evolved with microbes and as a result we rely on their genomes for certain critical functions. We believe this is particularly true during the earliest stages of human development. But lifestyles have changed dramatically over the past several decades. We've significantly reduced our exposure to these environmental microbes our bodies rely on." (Susan Lynch, PhD, posted 12 September 2016, accessed 18 August 2017)
  • If you have poor microbiota, you can have faecal transplants. See here and here.
Exposed tree root by river

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