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Animal Language

The language of animals is primarily instinct and energy.
Yet, humans tend to communicate with animals as if they were basic humans or children. They can be treated as dopey, messy, requiring huge affection, etc. However, animals have simple and basic needs that are often not met by the human projections.

Dr Doolittle and Disney and videos we make about animals basically transpose humans into animals, when what we need to do is listen to the animal's energy and know what are its real needs. Animals do not intend to disguise or deceive. The communication is not clever or intellectual. Rather it is straightforward, authentic and present.

Dog whisperer Cesar Millan explains this in dogs by saying:

'Humans tend to focus on name, breed, species, and animal, in that order, when they are reacting with a dog. Dogs, however, see themselves in the order animal, species, breed, and name.' (Cesar Millan, dated 2015, accessed 8 January 2017)

This means that:

' need to let your dog be a dog and remember to communicate like another animal would, not a human.' (Mastering Cesar's Natural Dog Laws, dated 2017, accessed 12 December 2017)

He further explains:-
  • 'Energy is the primary way that dogs communicate with each other, while humans do it mainly with language. Dogs can associate words with specific objects or actions, however it’s often your energy and tone of voice that tells them what to do...'
  • 'We communicate our energy through our intention and body language, and dogs respond best to calm, assertive energy. In this state, our energy is balanced and our intentions are clear, which makes it easy for dogs to understand us. It's when we are not calm or lack a clear intention that our message becomes confusing and our dogs act out in response.'
  • 'You can best honor your dog’s instincts by letting them be a dog and not humanizing them or treating them like a human child — and learning from them how to listen to your own instincts and live in the moment.'
What can we learn from this about our own body, the animal part of us?
  • Our body will best respond to calm, clear leadership.
  • Our body needs to be listened to. Body is not merely a biomedical machine, to be routinely treated with body-numbing drugs and medical intervention. We need instinctive lifestyle changes like plentiful movement, healthy food, quality sleep.
  • Birth is very instinctual yet we have made it very medical. Maybe we need to return to our instincts and pack/support/love?
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