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Animals Feel

Animals feel emotion and pain.
In the last century (as late as 1999), human babies were not thought to feel pain. There was a violent century of denial by medicine.
It seems as if we are also in denial about animals... 

As at 2017, it seems the UK government thinks animals do not feel emotion and pain.

As the UK withdraws from the EU in 2019, it seems to have made a shocking choice to NOT recognise that animals feel pain or emotion - see here, here, here.
This is unscientific and a huge threat to animal rights and welfare.
Sign here, here, here, here to protest this barbaric (or at least dubious) legislation.

Penalties for animal cruelty are so weak. In 2017 England, no matter how brutal or extreme the act, the maximum prison sentence is six months. Between 2013-2015, only 7% received jail terms (BBC, posted and accessed 24 February 2017).
Is this what we want?

Zebra close-up

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