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Heart foetus graphic
(jeffjacobs1990, Pixabay)

Unborn lamb in a biobag artificial womb
(Wikimedia Commons)

Cave foetus art
(daveysudan, Pixabay)

Womb foetus graphic
(sbtlneet, Pixabay)
Graphic of foetus corded to a heart or is it a broken heart? Artificial Wombs

Artificial wombs are able to grow a baby without the need for a human womb (read more in the resources).
Some see them as the future of pregnancy and birth - and this is what I am extremely concerned about.
I give a quickfire response, a wildfire response, and more on this issue.

Quickfire response
  • I can see this may be very useful for premature babies. As such, it is like emergency surgery, helpful in extraordinary circumstances. But otherwise, unneeded.
  • Prematurity is often due to difficult life conditions (due to the oppression of a dysfunctional system). So, although artificial wombs may be great for premature babies, surely the best solution is to improve the lot of women generally?
  • It is wrong on so many levels, especially emotionally, esoterically, spiritually.
  • We are so much more than a body. We have a Spirit and an Identity.
  • It is artificial. Who wants to be artificial?
  • Whenever humans interfere deeply with nature, it tends to go terribly wrong (e.g. climate change).
  • The mother’s aura and thoughts are not there with the baby all the time.
  • What about the initiation of birth?
  • What about the loss of love (hormones) when giving birth (e.g. see here, here)?
  • What about the barriers to immediate bonding at birth? Such a crucial moment.
  • The heartbeat of the mother when in utero is missing. What are the consequences of disrupting the reassuring 'da-DUM' soundscape? Normally, this is heard both in utero and postpartum during the baby's in-arms phase (e.g. when breastfed, when slung). It eases the transition from safe womb to the outer world? Will the normalisation of artificial wombs be another source of attachment trauma?
  • If used to allow women to have babies after they retire, it allows the dysfunctional capitalist system to continue. Money remains central to society. Mothering is peripheral. It should be the other way around, a mother-centred world where money is not an issue.
  • If used to keep aborted babies alive, against their mother’s or parents’ wishes, then there are spiritual implications. There are invisible cords attaching the baby to the parents (e.g. see Lilla Bek).
  • If old (post-menopausal) women decide to indulge in this, they lose out on a stage in their life in which they are called to be elders, wise leaders. We are messing up the natural cycles of life and there will be dire consequences.
  • An artificial womb uses over 300 gallons (1,364 litres) of water per day. If practised widely, this would be so unethical environmentally. Even in the over-consuming Rich World, the average person's water use is about one-tenth of this.
  • If it is used by Government to remove foetuses from mothers who take drugs, in the name of protecting the foetus from abuse, they miss the point. The mother takes the drugs because the system has failed her. Ripping it out of her is the actual abuse. Addressing societal inequality and mental health is being avoided by the system.
  • A scientist involved see pregnancy as "barbaric". Birth is also called "borderline dangerous." Like most doctors and gynecologists, they have no idea of what is a natural birth. They only see it in terms of trauma. This is "normal." We have medicalised birth, lost the its ecstasy, controlled women, broken sisterhood and tribe. To stop human birth, you deprive women of possibly their most profound spiritual initiation.
  • You're only emancipating women into a dysfunctional, patriarchal, sexist, racist, capitalist dystopia. Why not liberate them into ecstatic pregnancy and birth?
  • The crucial moment of birth is compromised, bonding far from optimal.
  • Motherhood is being corrupted.
  • Do you want to worship Mother Earth or Human Tech?
Unborn lamb in an artificial womb (a biobag)
Unborn lamb in a biobag artificial womb
(Nature Communications, 2017 via Wikipedia)
Wildfire response

Artificial wombs are being touted as the future of birth.
To allow us to carry on normal lives instead of being pregnant.
This reeks of dystopia.

We have already fucked up birth with excessive interventions and cesareans.
We have already fucked up agriculture with industrial farming.
We have already fucked up our planet with rapacious capitalism, racism, sexism.

Do you not think that the Right Wing and Authoritarian regimes will use it for eugenics? No! They will use it to manipulate the population of their countries. All they need is sperm and ovaries and a factory of artificial womb machines.

We never seem to learn.
Excessive human intervention in natural systems always ends badly.
We need to work intelligently and lovingly with Nature.
This includes everything to do with and around birth.

Artificial wombs is industrialised birth.
It allows intensive, factory farming of human babies.
The same inhumanity and cruelty involved in industrialised animal farming will manifest.
Birth will become even more dominated by tech and by big corporations.

We need to be rebelling from these capitalist, tech solutions.
It will be business as usual, destroying the planet and keeping lives too busy to really tackle the deeper human issues.
Caring and humanity and love will be peripheral.
Greed and rape will remain at the centre of global culture.

Industrial farming brought us monocultures and breakdown of ecosystems.
Would you not rather have regenerative agriculture working with Nature, grow your own food?

Capitalism brought us the Climate & Ecological Emergency and extinction for so many.
Would you not rather have you at the centre of your birth?

Why do you want Big Tech and Capitalism in your birth at all?
Where is Mother Earth in your birth?
Where are your own creative and luminous thoughts and feelings, feeding and communing with the growing baby?

The baby is not a machine to be constructed like a piece of furniture.
Life begins before birth, before conception even. Read:-
- Preparing for Conception.
- Prenatal Bonding.
- Natural Pregnancy.
- Birth - A Human Rights Issue.

Are you going to give up on all that so you can carry on making money?
Probably exploiting the Earth as you carry on your job in the capitalist culture?
We need to put MotherBaby at the centre of a New World.
This will be a Solar Culture, a
Culture of Love.

Free birth from Tech, from Money, from Government, from Men, from Fear.
Return it to Women.
Return it to Nature.
Return it to Love.

Fantasy art of foetus in a warm cavelike place with a soft magenta light

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More on Artificial Wombs

Wikipedia (accessed 23 October 2016) says:

'In the 1970 book The Dialectic of Sex, radical feminist Shulamith Firestone wrote that differences in biological reproductive roles are a source of gender inequality. Firestone singled out pregnancy and childbirth, making the argument that an artificial womb would free "women from the tyranny of their reproductive biology."

In my view, she is mistaking uniformity for equality. We can be different and be equal. Reproductive biology does not have to be a tyranny. It can be a joy.
The tyranny is actually capitalism, racism, sexism, colonialism, patriarchy.
Implement things like a Universal Basic Income and Universal Basic Services, Nature-friendly policies (see here).
Then see if reproductive biology is joyful...

Graphic of foetus in a dark womb attached to a tiny red placenta

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