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Lights for Ancestors
(ardelfin, Morguefile)

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Angel Birdbath
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Attitude to the Dead

"Let the dead live in peace. Don't cling to your family and friends, don't let your sorrow at their departure hold them down and, above all, don't try to communicate with them by calling them back. This only troubles them and prevents them from breaking free. Pray for them, send them your love, think of them becoming freer and freer and rising higher and higher towards the light. If you really love them, be sure that you will be with them again one day. That is the truth. How many times have I already told you this: where your heart is, there you will be one day."
(Omraam Mikhaёl Aïvanhov, Death and the Life Beyond, p.27 & back cover)

Lights for ancestors
Lights for Ancestors (Mexico's Day of the Dead)

"It is important to remember that once somebody dies, the room should be emptied of thought forms, and one should not think about them as still around. One should tune in to their higher bodies and feel that they are on a higher level of existence, and that they no longer need their old body anymore, that probably they are looking much younger, and also that they have a job to do. That does not mean that we cannot link by telepathy occasionally."
(Lilla Bek, What are Thought Forms?, track #4, 6m30s; excerpt)

Tikis [Māori memorial to ancestors]

These quotes by
Aïvanhov and Bek perhaps show why living on after death as a digital avatar is surely not recommended? A digital memorial may be appropriate, but your dead interacting on social media??... After I'm dead, I want people to imagine me living in the sun or with the angels.

Angel birdbath

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