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Sperm mandala graphic Birth and Perinatal Emergency (BPE)

Most already know of the existential Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE).
Another less-known existential emergency is the Birth and Perinatal Emergency (BPE).
Here are some of the issues:-
Sperm Counts
Sperm counts could reach zero by 2045. That means no more babies. This is due to the use of hormone-disrupting "forever" chemicals used in plastic and so many other widely-used products.
Instead of the world riding on a wave of destructive human invention, we need to return to the ways of Nature, to work respectfully with Nature, attune to Nature's cycles and gifts. A key way to do this is Demedicalise!

Sperm moving together; background is dark

Plastic Pollution
Microplastics have been found in foetuses. They are able to cross the placenta.
Meanwhile, bottle-fed babies daily swallow millions of microplastics.
Science is not yet able to say exactly what the health impact is but we can be sure that this is an emergency, one of the most urgent environmental issues of the 21st century.

Close-up of many plastic Lego heads

Natural Vaginal Birth is becoming Extinct
The widespread use of drugs and cesareans and tech (like artificial wombs) and interventions and patriarchal science and spiritual denial is completely destroying how Nature has intended for birth to be.
At an Animal level it is meant to be initiatory and orgasmic.
At a Spiritual level it is meant to be enlightening and ecstatic.
Michel Odent has warned us that we are in grave danger of no longer birthing with love hormones. This is completely unknown in our evolution and will have disastrous consequences. Our capacity to love is at risk.

"The aim of any futuristic birth strategy should be that as many women as possible give birth vaginally, thanks to an undisturbed flow of love hormones. The future of our civilizations is at stake." (Michel Odent)

What do you think will happen when Love is removed from Humanity?
Will we survive?
Solutions include: the need for women to reclaim birth and once again Demedicalise!

A lovely flower; background is dark

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