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Sun in a Bubble
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Colourful Bubble
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bursts bubble
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Fortress Bubble
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Bubble Life

People say "You are living in a bubble" suggesting that you are living a privileged life or a life disconnected from the 'real world'.
It often seems to be said in a superior way.

What they seem to want is to burst your bubble - for you to get with it, get woke.
Or i
t is like The Matrix movies or Plato's Cave where those caught in the dominant bubble - which they cannot see is an unhealthy bubble - will insist and even kill those who say otherwise. They will insist your sunny bubble world is delusion.

Sun in a Bubble

I would acknowledge that we can become insensitive to world suffering and our privilege by living an insular or sheltered life. Travel and signing petitions may help!

I would also acknowledge that there are many narratives in society designed to maintain a status quo and enrich a corrupt elite, in which we become entrapped. 
Working with Light and Love may help...
If you feel trapped in a bubble, perhaps feeling like a goldfish trapped in a bowl, with no idea how to escape to freedom, you can always soar in your imagination to places filled with colour and light. Eventually your bubble will burst and release you into the life you have visualised.

Anyway, we are all living in bubbles!
Outwardly, we are often moving between bubbles, like the bubble of your home life, the bubble of your work life, etc.
Inwardly, our consciousness has a comfort zone which delineates our inner bubble.

You just have to assess whether your bubble is linked intimately with Truth or some other high ideal. If it is, maybe your bubble is actually beautiful and good?

Colourful Bubble

Then there is the great bubble of maya, the Indian concept that all is not as it appears. We live in an illusory world/bubble, where Great Spirit is actually the Truth, but is hidden in all things.
The only thing that is not in a bubble is God - as God is all things.
Spiritually this is where we are going. It is what mystics aspire to and/or may feel.
However, it is not really possible to live permanently in that state whilst on Earth.

So, the path becomes one of living in truer and lighter bubbles (in your consciousness) and perhaps working in certain outer world bubbles (where you serve).
Jesus referenced this with "In my Father's house are many mansions" (John 14: 2-3).
In modern lingo, there are many dimensions in which we can travel: in the world, in terms of cultures, and in terms of states of consciousness and places in the spiritual world. We are multidimensional beings.
So, maybe we must burst bubbles to allow ourselves access to other bubbles, to higher states of consciousness and more wholesome lifestyles, as it were.

Hummingbird bursts bubble

Summing up, bubble bursting can be a call to wake up to societal disease, to Truth, to God. Time perhaps to look at what you consider to be true and see if it needs purification or transformation? This is path of The Matrix and Plato's Cave.

However, bubble bursting more often seems to be used to bully people into accepting a coarse bubble, an often-materialistic reality or other belief in which the burster is heavily invested. For example, meat eaters may claim vegans are living in a bubble.
Or bullied into accepting some other ignorance or delusion which the burster sees as Truth. For example, flat-Earth people may see round-Earth people as being in a bubble.
This 'real world' that people are demanding us to wake up to is often a sick, dysfunctional society.
Krishnamurti said, "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society".
So, in the face of such bully bubble bursters stay close to your high ideal, your inner fortress of Light and Love.

Fortress Bubble

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