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Here we begin to talk about the widespread practice of mutilation of the genitals.
In childhood. Without consent.
It is called circumcision (from Latin 'cutting around').

Such violent cutting happens to both male and female. 
Will you see that both types of cut are abominations, barbaric outdated practices?

Graphic of razor with drops of blood on it

Male genital mutilation (MGM) is commonly called circumcision.
It refers to the removal of the forekin of the penis. Usually conducted without anaesthesia (which is risky with newborns and ineffective with circumcision), it is traumatic.
There is no medical justification for such routine removal. Foreskin is not a birth defect!
It mainly happens to babies and children for religious or cultural reasons. But surely we need freedom from religion/culture, not freedom for religion/culture? Or at least the purification of these religions and cultures?
About 1/3 of men (33%) are estimated to be circumcised. It is common among Jews, Muslims, the USA, parts of SE Asia and Africa.

From about 1860 to as late as 1970 it was popular as it was thought to prevent masturbation and reduce male sexual pleasure, so curing everything from bedwetting to epilepsy and insanity. Other medical rationales superseded these earlier fake claims, but I believe these are also unfounded.
For example, the BMA says: ‘ circumcise for therapeutic reasons where medical research has shown other techniques to be at least as effective and less invasive would be unethical and inappropriate.’
Immediate physical complications are painful peeing, infection, severe bleeding and shock.
Lifelong damage includes reduction of sexual sensation (the foreskin is the most erogenous zone in the male body/penis). It can result in constant pain and PTSD. In newborns, it is associated with shorter penis length (also see here).

It is possible STD and HIV may be reduced by circumcision, but why not simply use a condom rather than risk the complications of circumcision?

Naked Attraction (series 2 [of 2017], episode 8), it said that 71% of women prefer a man with a foreskin. They mentioned that a foreskin helps women orgasm, as the foreskin rolls down and forms a ridge, so aiding orgasm.

On a deeper level, the truth is that circumcision disrupts mother-child bonding and breastfeeding, possibly leading to early breastfeeding failure. This attachment trauma is anti-Love and contributes to worldwide violence.

Sausage with three razors cutting into it

Female circumcision is usually referred to as female genital mutilation or simply FGM.
It usually means the removal of some or all of the external female genitalia including the clitoris and almost complete closure of the vulva (infibulation).
There are no health benefits. In fact, it is dangerous to women's lifelong health.
Immediate dangers are risk of infection and even death from bleeding and shock.
Lifelong health issues include unremittent pain, painful menstruation and urination, urinary tract infections, pain during sex, reduced or no pleasure during sex, infertility, higher risk in childbirth, and PTSD.
Most girls are cut by age five, or else between infancy and age 15.
It is practised globally (especially in parts of
Africa, Asia, Middle East).
It is thought to affect 200 million women (5%) worldwide. 
It is largely rooted in the desire of patriarchy to control the sexuality and bodies of women. So it is gender-based violence and 

Red chilli being cut up by razor

Can you see that both types of cut are abominations, barbaric outdated practices?

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"More people should be educated before ruining the life of a newborn son or daughter. It’s disgusting that it’s still happening to this day.
It really is."

(Avon, 5m49s, posted 26 July 2019, accessed 29 May 2020)

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