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Photo Credits:-

(Alli Sebastian Wolf; fair use, educational)

Clitoris detail
(Wikimedia Commons)

Looking up at
the Glitoris
(Alli Sebastian Wolf; fair use, educational)

3D model of a clitoris
(Marie Docher and Odile Fillod
; fair use, educational)

Model of an anatomically correct clitoris
(Alana Holmberg/The Guardian; fair use, educational)

Glitoris held aloft
(Alli Sebastian Wolf; fair use, educational)

Glitoris held in front of a wall of graffiti
(Alli Sebastian Wolf; fair use, educational)

Glitoris,a gold 100-to-1 scale model of the clitoris, shown on a purple clothClitoris

The purpose of this article is to enlighten us as to what is a natural birth.
In essence, a natural birth is an ecstatic birth.
This ecstasy has both a spiritual and a physical purpose.
She is able to walk between the two worlds of Spirit and Earth, of Angel and Animal.
The clitoris is a key player.

Shaved vulva with an inset photo detailing the hood and glans of the clitoris
A shaven female vulva with an inset photo showing the clitoral hood (1) and glans [tip] (2).
This is what a clitoris is typically thought to be.

Purpose of Spiritual Ecstasy
The mother is called to ground a soul from the spiritual world into the physical world. Heightening her consciousness into a blissful state is helpful to this.
The clitoris can help connect Earth to Heaven.
She more easily communes with Goddess and the angels.
In this way, she can bond deeply, easily, naturally with her baby.

Purpose of Physical Ecstasy
The mother's body is also undergoing huge and unusual changes during pregnancy and birth.
In birth, many systems are active, including her breath,
hormones softening so many tissues and stretching and inverting the uterus. Poop is excreted to make room for the descent of the baby.
Pain is being managed, her neocortex subdued - and her sexual system with its orgasmic potential is very involved in this, her clitoris being the major player. Orgasmic waves are evolutionary/instinctual aids to help her surf this physical initiation.

Looking up at Alli Sebastian Wolf holding her 100-1 size gold clitoris, called 'Glitoris', with a background of sky
Alli Sebastian Wolf holds her 100:1 anatomically correct model of a clitoris, the 'Glitoris'

Clitoris Unveiled

Here are two little-known truths about the clitoris that need to be understood:-

1. The clitoris is NOT just a button/nub/pea/small surface organ at the top of the vulva.
It is large. It is a cluster of interconnections. A huge amount of its body of erectile tissue, muscle and nerves exist unseen under the skin.
Its outer arms extend out towards the thighs; when aroused, these arms curl in to give the internal body a little hug. It wraps around the vaginal tunnel. The supposed G-spot is actually the rear of the clitoris, where the central vestibular bulbs meet the vaginal wall. So, G-spot and penetrative orgasms are actually clitoral orgasms.

3D model of a complete clitoris, correctly coloured, including its bulbs and arms
3D model of a clitoris (Marie Docher and Odile Fillod)

2. The human clitoris is NOT the only organ in the animal kingdom devoted solely to pleasure (contrary to: Wikipedia as at end-2020, here at 2m54s, here, here, The Story of Sex by Philippe Brenot p.169).
No such organ exists.
The clitoris actually has a major reproductive function in both copulation and in assisting natural/ecstatic birth.

During coitus, clitoral stimulation enhances vaginal blood flow, increases lubrication, oxygen and temperature, and alters the position of the cervix to slow the sperm and thereby improve their motility.
Female orgasm also mean:-
  • she retains 50-90% of sperm (vs. 0-50% without orgasm);
  • uterine contractions are induced which can help transport sperm towards the egg.
Model of an anatomically correct clitoris, in white, held by human hands
Model of an anatomically correct clitoris (Alana Holmberg/The Guardian)

Ina May Gaskin in Spiritual Midwifery advises birthing couples to love, cuddle and make out sexually. This helps the mother birth by releasing needed hormones.
Similarly, the stimulation of the highly erogenous clitoris does the same and more. Not only is external stimulation of the clitoris possible, but also...

As the baby's head descends from the opening uterus it stimulates the two central vestibular bulbs at the rear of the clitoris, where it meets the vaginal wall. This creates a building vaginal orgasm that lubricates the birth channel (to allow the baby to more easily slip out) and oils tissue that is stretching (to minimise tearing).
The foetal ejection reflex that involuntarily causes strong uterine contractions to finally deliver the baby is also triggered by this clitoral stimulation.
It is also thought that these now-engorged bulbs cushion the back of the baby's head from the hard bones of the pubic arch, as it descends.

But if you birth in a non-sexual environment (e.g. hospital) or with drugs (e.g. epidural) or with other interventions - and all these amazing natural aids to ecstatic birth are destroyed.
Do you think a hospital, on your back, wired up to tech and medical equipment, limited in movement, under bright lights, professional people you barely know milling around who have never witnessed natural birth, forced to follow their rules, even denied someone to support you (during a pandemic) - is the way that you would have mindblowing sex? The same applies to birth.

Why do many women not experience this ecstatic birth, driven by the clitoris?
We have lost our way.
Pleasure is seen as immoral, as sinful or shameful by religion.
And so 99% of births are desexualised. They are clinical and medicalised - in hospitals.
Patriarchy, religion, science and ignorance are imposing these dysfunctional rules on women.

Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) activists call for science to guide our response to its existential threat - NOT politics, patriarchy, capitalism, racism, misogyny.

And so it is also needs to be with our Birth and Perinatal Emergency (BPE).
The evolutionary and angelic science tells us it is best to birth with the help of bliss.
Nature intends for birth to be orgasmic, ecstatic.

Having said all this, perhaps beware being too clitcentric. It is central but, as mentioned, one of many systems active in birth. Environment is perhaps most important.

We have to educate and empower women.
Throw off shame, guilt, control and orgasmophobia.
Celebrate female Goddess power.
This is a spiritual and physical initiation. It welcomes a soul into a body. It happens at the threshold of two worlds, Spirit and Earth.
Be sacred and sexual, spontaneous and primal, angelic and animal, ecstatic and orgasmic.

Glitoris held above Alli Sebastian Wolf's head
Artist Alli Sebastian Wolf holds her Glitoris aloft

The mighty clitoris is not only for female pleasure, but also for enhanced procreation - and perhaps most important of all - for blissful birth!

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Alli Sebastian Wolf holding Glitoris in front of a wall of graffiti
Alli Sebastian Wolf with her Glitoris
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