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Hearts puzzle Culture of Love &
Personal Relationships

Sometimes you meet a being to whom you feel immediately attracted. This person is like a vase filled with a precious essence that plunges you into a state of wonder; they inspire you, broaden your horizons and reveal the beauty of heaven and earth to you. Thank the Lord for having met this person, and if you want your joy to last for a long time, try to keep some distance. Why? Because the space between two people, which may appear empty, is actually filled with subtle essences which are the best conductors of psychic energy; it is this space that makes exchanges of harmony and light possible. As long as there is a certain distance between you and the person you love, you can exchange energy, thanks to which you energise each other. Each time you meet, you will leave each other fulfilled, pervaded by an extraordinary happiness because keeping this distance creates the best conditions for communication between you. If you really take this advice and try to apply it, your life will never be short of happy encounters. And because you will know how to appreciate them, you will truly know what love is. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Sun Musicians

Now people say it is impossible to love everybody, and for most of us it is impossible. There is always something for us to work out, and we are never free really. And we always need the stimulus, and sometimes the contradictions, in another person in order to raise the consciousness. The chakra system very often opens through our relationships. Somebody comes into our life and produces first of all perhaps a stimulus to the base centre [sex chakra], and then very often, unhappiness - which allows us to feel the pain in life. And in feeling that pain, we grow from the experience. We mature into the understanding of other people and the unhappiness that is with them. Everything we have around us is stimulating us to go higher. So, whether our relationship is with man, stones, animals, or nature, it is stimulating us to go beyond, into higher vibratory rates. (Lilla BekRelationships and Spiritual Growth, track #1, 9m27s; excerpt)

Love the Creator, the One who is the origin of all life, and you will feel him manifesting in every creature. It is he, the One, whom you will love in others, and only he can fulfil the longings of your heart and soul. So many men and women, famous throughout history for their amorous adventures, have had tragic destinies precisely because they did not understand this truth! The beings of flesh and blood you claim to love or to be looking for are only intermediaries, conductors meant to transmit divine energies. If you wish to continue to love them, think of restoring contact every day with the world above. You don’t need to worry about who you will love or who you wish to be loved by. First love God and he will appear to you; he will smile at you and fill you with joy through his creatures. You will love them and be loved by them, because it will be the deity dwelling within them that you will love, and they will also discover the divine life through you. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Sun Greeters

The Sun brings warmth and light to the beloved flower. It does not seek to possess. (Bruce Mitchell)

If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give. (George McDonald)

Never give away your heart; it belongs to you and no-one has the right to do what they want with it. If you give your heart to someone, you no longer have it. The other person has two hearts, but what will they do with two hearts? They will end up letting go of yours. There is a saying in Bulgaria that you can’t carry two watermelons under one arm. So some time or another the person to whom you have given your heart could drop it. And then you will cry out, ‘My heart is broken!’ And if you go to complain to Heaven, it will say, ‘it is your fault; why did you give it away? You should have kept it for yourself.’ ‘Yes but I love them, I love them.’ Alright, so you love them, but you could have given them your tenderness, your love, your songs, and kept your heart for yourself.
And do not be misled into thinking that this warning applies only to the heart. Nature has also given us a body, a mind, a will, and those who are wise will keep these for themselves. They will give away only the fruits, in other words thoughts, feelings, activity and work. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Sun Heart Couple

Love is not finding the right person. It is becoming the right person.
(Eric ButterworthCommitment of Love audio tape, side one, ±7m35s)

Why is it that the love between men and women does not last? Because, instead of linking each other to the divine Source so that they may be continually renewed, they cling to one another and end up depleted. When nothing is left, they are like empty vessels and they reject each other. So think of the man or the woman you love as a precious and unique being, and realize that it is through you that they can become vibrant, beautiful and rich, provided that you link them to the Source, to the heavenly Father, the divine Mother, to all the angelic hierarchies, to the sun and the stars.
Love offers you every possibility. But if, instead of uniting the being you love to heaven, you hang on to them and drain their energy, in time they will go downhill; then your love for them will lessen, and you will suffer. But whose fault is this? You must therefore learn to project this being to great heights so that they can breathe, drink, and nourish themselves. And they must do the same for you. Then, you are no longer merely vessels, you become inexhaustible springs for one another. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Couple doing acrobatic yoga on beach

You don't love someone because they're perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they're not. (Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper)

You know that very often the only way it [the heart energy centre] can express its love of God is by falling in love with one of His creatures. And yet behind all love affairs God is smiling and saying, “That is how I want to be felt in you.”
(Lilla BekLinks with the Higher Self, track #2, 20m1s; excerpt)

woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her. (Maya Angelou)

A young boy who is very content with his family, friends and studies, might nevertheless get bored. But one day, he meets a girl who he falls in love with. And so everything changes: the world appears magnificent to him, alive with colour and music. In reality, nothing has changed; he has made an inner discovery: that of love which makes everything beautiful. Even if it rains, to him the sun is shining. But if this girl were to disappoint or betray him, his life would become dull and pointless again.
You may say you already know that. Well yes, but what have you learnt from this? For there is something to learn: this teaches you that, to find a taste for life, you must seek an element capable of transforming everything in you, one that no outside event can make you lose. You will not find this element in the love of a man or a woman, for that love is always uncertain. You must seek it very high up in the regions of the soul and the spirit. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Someday someone won’t be afraid of how much you love. They won’t stay on the shore; they’ll meet you in the depths. (Breanna Sipple)

Couple in depths, whale below them

The purpose of a love relationship is to set your sights on love, rather than the relationship.
The test of every marriage is to come to love love, more than to love the person. That love comes from your heart, the deepest center of your being. Love is a feeling, a radiation of light, a presence. It is not a personality. When you touch upon love, you are touching your soulmate - and soul-marriage - the mystical marriage. It all happens within you, the merging of your soul with your spirit, the merging of who you thought you were with who you really are.
In this realm of the heart you then see with the eyes of God. All things and persons are seen for what they are - light-infused and love-permeated. Your husband or wife glows with a beauty that can make you gasp! Can you see this? Can you understand the words of Jesus, "Seek ye first the Kingdom, and all things will be added unto you."?
All the prophets and masters say the same thing: when God becomes number one in your life, when the indwelling spirit becomes more important than the who's and what's and where's, your life then becomes a flow of perfection. Then you create beauty in all that you see, hear, touch, or in any way turn your attention upon. Love is never-ending creation.
“My heart has become an ocean, beloved, since You have poured Your love into it.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
(Joyce and Barry Vissell, The Shared Heart, pp.16-17)

Ocean Heart

There is such a thing as karmic marriages, and most marriages have karma within them. Just make sure a good job is done. And remember, karma doesn’t have to be painful. You can offer to help other people a lot, or other things. (Adapted from Lilla Bek 17 April 1999 personal reading)

Marriage isn’t a ring, or a piece of paper, or how many years you have been together – it is the way you love, honor, and celebrate your partner every single day. Marriage isn’t a noun – it’s a verb. It is a choice you make every single day.
(Barbara De Angelis, Making Love Work, Personal Guidebook, p.56)

Love is a big magnifying glass – it magnifies or brings out your old emotional wounds and baggage that you may not notice until you get into a relationship.
(Barbara De Angelis, Making Love Work, Personal Guidebook, p.49)

Love brings up everything unlike itself for the purpose of healing. (Sondra Ray)
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