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Death & Resuscitation in A&E (Accident & Emergency)

This medical procedure doesn't have a very high success rate, and is a very violent act, which can result in bone fractures (especially with the elderly). You have to ask who would want to die that way? Would they have quality of life after? The evidence is that often people who are resuscitated only live a few days. So, frequently it's something that doesn't work. So, often, surely the decision must be not to do it? (Notes from Open University module K260 'Death and dying', Block 4 Unit 2 p.21 Activity 2.1, audio 2.1a and especially audio 2.1b, Professor of Health and Social Policy Martin Johnson)

You can request a DNR (Don Not Resuscitate) or DNAR (Do Not Attempt Resuscitation) order. You could discuss this with your family and friends, or legal and medical professionals, and add it to your advance directive (but see what the situation is in your country), or specify it in y
our living will.

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