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Drugs & Spirituality Skull and dice

In Drugs, I said that a
Drug Culture includes 'spiritual' drugs, like psychedelics or hallucinogenics.
People think it is a quick way to God, but drugs can in fact block spiritual awareness and eventually damage or destroy our chakra system.
It can also destabilise the body and brain, weakening the body's biochemistry and immune system.

Here are some more insights:-

"In ancient days, the third eye was opened with the use of breathing, body movements, drugs, sound and geometrical patterns. There are many different tools for opening the consciousness in the third eye. Nowadays we do not really need all these different methods. We don't really need drugs to open the psyche. If you want to indulge, then you must go only to a point at which you recognise the fact that you do have an intuitive part to you. Once you know that it is there, then the experience of knowing and learning about it should be a very slow one. If you open the third eye too much, you will see more than you can cope with. So, one of the abilities and the greatest blessings of the third eye is its ability to remain closed to too much sensing."
(Lilla BekThird Eye Chakra, track #4, 6m4s; excerpt)
[Lilla goes on to say that if you learn to open the third eye, then you must be able to close it too - to lock your consciousness. Heightened awareness can be frightening, and you can feel on the edge of insanity. Madness is going too much into the third eye and not controlling it, when things like phobias and inner sensations that cannot be stopped happen.]
Mask with bells

True clairvoyance gives access to the realities of the spiritual world, that is to say, it enables people to pick up the most subtle elements in nature and in human souls. Clairvoyance, which consists in seeing past events or those to come, or seeing entities in the astral world, is not so extraordinary. Almost everyone can acquire it through certain exercises or by taking certain drugs; but these means do not take them very far and they even present great dangers to people's psyche.
Don't be mistaken, humans who see into the invisible can only pick up realities corresponding to the level of consciousness they themselves have attained. It is therefore not surprising that most clairvoyants see mainly future accidents, diseases and catastrophes, as well as the lower entities circulating among humans. You must go very high within you to be able to see spirits of light and heavenly beings. The only clairvoyance you must seek to achieve is the one that makes you like a crystal prism, a pure crystal that lets through the light. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Crystal Light

The realm of the soul is infinite space. Thus, when a being’s soul feels restricted, it seeks to escape at all costs and presses its host to provide the means. Those who are incapable of providing their soul with elements of a spiritual nature will be driven to seek material substances, that is to say alcohol or drugs. For alcohol and drugs have the ability to release the soul from the physical body giving it, if only briefly, the illusion of freedom and space.
However, alcohol and drugs are but chemical substances given to the body. Yet the body itself has no need to escape; the need to escape comes from the soul. Drinking or drug use is a sign that the soul is seeking to travel in infinite space. But as this means of escape can never satisfy it, not only does the soul continue to languish, the body itself is also destroyed. Only spiritual means can meet the soul’s need to swell freely in space. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

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