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Elite Soldier
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Elite 007
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Elite Thor
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Elite Forces Parents (lukaszsupel,

HE-ManElite Forces Parenting

Your mission is not only personal, but also is of vital national, international and Cosmic importance.

You will help save the Universe by being parenting in tune with Heaven and Earth.

You will be a HE-Man (pictured to the right). Notice his Warm Heart that is ready to care for all creatures and the powerful Sword of Truth he carries that will cut the Gordian Knot. Purple boots and loin cloth are optional kit.

During pregnancy, you and your team are bodyguards to a very small VIP. Stay in touch with your heavenly and earthly HQs to ensure a well-coordinated mission.
If ever compromised, get support from your team.
You will remain bodyguards at least until the VIP become adult. Always be ready to connect with your VIPs at their level and with the utmost Love.

Elite Soldier at the level of his VIPs

James Bond or 007 is a famous and highly-skilled operative that you will emulate by quality Bonding with your partner and progeny.
Attachment Parenting is all about Bonding, so go there and get acquainted with the mission details.
Your covert name will be Father-Daughter Bond or Father-Son Bond or similar.
Below is a photo of a disguised 007 in the field practising Bonding. His hands are free to deal with emergencies. An undercover Thor is also at it. Real men wear their babies.

Elite 007 wearing baby          Elite Thor wearing baby

Fortunately, we are mighty! (Thor-inspired)
Don't think. Just let it happen. (007)
We have the power! (He-Man inspired)
May the Force be with us! (Star Wars inspired)

Elite Forces Parents
Elite Forces Parents
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