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  • Feeling that what or who I am is defined by what another thinks of me. (Paul Solomon)
  • Initial Physiological Function: Reduces and hides vulnerable body areas from potential attacks. (Wikipedia, accessed 27 October 2017)
  • Evolved Communicative Function: Decreased social status. Wish for appeasement. (Wikipedia, accessed 27 October 2017)
  • Question to self: How am I letting the other define me?
  • Similar emotions: Humiliation, Shame (but shame can be felt even when no-one else knows).
  • Opposite emotions: .
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  • Bach Flower Remedies: Larch [fear of making a mistake].
  • California Flower Essences: Pink Monkeyflower [fear of being exposed, vulnerable].

If you're never scared or embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take any chances.
(Julia Sorel)

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