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Feel it, don't flee it.
(Paraphrase of Heather Dominick-Kosmicki)

Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

This too shall pass.
(Persian Sufi adage [Can be used as affirmation])

If people can't control their own emotions, then they have to start trying to control other people's behaviour. (Robin Skynner) function of emotion is to signal the need to interrupt or inhibit current ongoing behaviour to pursue more important goals such as preserving life or seeking pleasure.
(Open University SD226 module of 2013 on Biological Psychology, Book Six, p.59)

If you’re a little girl you’re being asked how you feel all through your life. You’re being asked to name it. But as a child I was never asked how I felt. The Tibetans have 18,000 different words for emotions. The average British boy has 'I’m pissed off'. (Jim, youth worker, cited at BBC, posted 14 February 2019, accessed 17 February 2019)

Rather than being a weakness, changing mood is nature's way to of helping us adapt to an ever changing world. (Scientists cited in Daily Mail, posted and accessed 12 January 2016)

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We are completely ashamed of our emotional needs. And I think they are primary to the creation of what we experience in this life... And if we are ashamed of our emotional needs, then what we will oftentimes do, to get our needs met, is to let something fail in our lives as a surrogate... So, instead of saying "I need a cuddle", I'll let my business fail and then you'll have to cuddle me, and I'll never have to ask for it... You let these things speak as an emotional substitute for you - because we're so ashamed to put our emotional needs out directly. (Caroline Myss, 'How to Manifest Your Own Visions' audio tape, side two, 8m11s)

The only way to get to have a healthy relationship with ourselves is to be really conscious of our feelings. (David Fuller cited at BBC, posted 14 February 2019, accessed 17 February 2019)

You cannot selectively suppress feelings – the only way to suppress feelings is to suppress your ability to feel, period. (Barbara De Angelis, Making Love Work, Personal Guidebook, p.50)

Feelings are really your GPS system for life. When you’re supposed to do something, or not supposed to do something, your emotional guidance system lets you know. (Oprah Winfrey)

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As soon as you feel sad, irritated or in a bad mood, do something about it. Try your best to extricate yourself from these states of darkness by lighting the lamps the Creator has placed within you – all kinds of lamps: large, small, and coloured. You may ask how you are to go about lighting these lamps. Very simply, just as you would in your home. 
Your home is wired up to electricity from the mains and when you want to bring some light into the room, you turn on a switch. Well, inwardly you possess a similar system, which could be said to tap into the cosmic mains, in other words God. In the physical world you have a switch, which you have to turn on; in the psychic world, all you need is thought to turn on the lights, and you do this by concentrating on the Lord, the Light of all Lights, as you think of lighting lamps in the whole of your being. But do not stop once some lamps have been lit; continue and others will come alight too, until in the end there will be a true illumination. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Plugging in to Cosmic Mains

Internal States
Finally, I’m going to address the idea of your ‘states’. By ‘state’ I mean the feeling that you have in your body.
Can you remember a time when you felt happy and excited?
Can you remember a time when you felt powerful and energetic?
If you can, then you can HAVE THESE FEELINGS ANY TIME YOU WANT THEM. Most people don’t use their memories to help them feel good because they say, “Well, that’s not really how I’m feeling; I’m just imagining it.” Well, I have news for you: You’re ALWAYS just imagining it. You might as well imagine it at times when you need it instead of having it happen on accident!
Here’s how to apply this idea:
Write down three states that you’d like to be able to put yourself into anytime you’d like. Then, write down three times in your life when you felt each of those states. Finally, close your eyes and put yourself into each of the three situations that made you feel the state that you want. Also, do SOMETHING UNIQUE with your body as you’re remembering. For instance, if you’d like to feel powerful and confident, while you’re remembering times when you felt this way, breathe out quickly while puckering your lips.
If you do this process of remembering the states and exhaling quickly at the same time, all you have to do in the future is close your eyes, breathe out quickly while remembering the feelings, and you’ll have the states that you want. It’s like having a ‘push’ button for feeling good about yourself.
Next, you have to practice putting yourself into your three powerful states when you’re in different environments. So go to different places and practice getting yourself into your states with distractions, etc. This might take some doing, but once you have it mastered, you’ll be able to get yourself into a positive state when you’re not feeling it to begin with...
(David DeAngelo, Double Your Dating eBook, pp.42-43)

Polar bear breathes out underwater

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