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Nuclear Family graphic
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Parents' hands
and baby
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Family on pier in sun (jill111, Pixabay)

Nuclear Family graphic Family Quotes

The healthy family...
  1. communicates and listens. [Communicates]
  2. affirms and supports one another.
  3. teaches respect for others.
  4. develops a sense of trust. 
  5. has a sense of play and humour. [Shares Time]
  6. exhibits a sense of shared responsibility. [Fosters Responsibility]
  7. teaches a sense of right and wrong. [Teaches Morals]
  8. has a strong sense of family in which rituals and traditions abound. [Enjoys Traditions]
  9. has a balance of interaction among members. [Shares Time]
  10. has a shared religious core. 
  11. respects the privacy of one another.
  12. values service to others. 
  13. fosters table time and conversation. [Communicates]
  14. shares leisure time. [Shares Time]
  15. admits to and seeks help with problems.
(Traits of a Healthy Family book by Dolores Curran)

Parents' hands and baby

Our children come through us but do not belong to us. (Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet)

Parents raise children, but children raise parents, too. A new baby will teach you depths of tenderness, patience and selflessness you would never have thought possible. Let yourself learn and grow. (Lisa Engelhardt, New Baby Therapy booklet, #35)

By slowing down, by simplifying, by breaking some of our consuming and spending habits, by teaching our kids simple pleasures, and by adopting simple pleasures ourselves, we can create a beautiful, happy, fulfilling life. And we won’t have to work as hard as we have been to maintain it. (Elaine St James, 50 Ways to Simplify Your Life)

The best thing to spend on your children is your time. (Louise Hart)

90% of good parenting is just being there. (Vicki Lansky, 101 Ways to be a Special Dad)

Family on pier in sun

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