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Female Sexual Problems

Woman in Green DressMost of women's sexual problems are not purely physiological. So, in most cases, avoid drugs and surgery. Unfortunately, financial interests have tried to classify sexual problems as pathological, as a disease. It was called hysteria in the 19th century. Today it is called FSD (female sexual dysfunction) or FSAD (female sexual arousal disorder), which Big Pharma tries to treat with drugs (e.g. Intrinsa) or surgery (e.g. Orgasmatron). But sexual dysfunction is not a disease! Women are being victimised. Sex is being medicalised - and we need to demedicalise society!

The highly recommended documentary Orgasm Inc shows this in a funny and sobering way (I watched it on Netflix). Although libido can be lowered by drugs (e.g. anti-depressants, contraceptive pill) and surgery (e.g. hysterectomy), sexual desire is not merely hormonal. It is very psychological, and it depends greatly on social context (e.g. imagine you are on a relaxing tropical island holiday). I repeat, women's sexual problems are not usually physiological. Causes include:-

  • Relationship Problems.
  • Stress.
  • Overwork, especially drudgery-type work, like housework and caring for children all day (no village). The woman becomes physically, emotionally and mentally tired. Sex is no longer important. Women do around three times more housework than men, so gender inequality is an issue.
  • Body Image. 80% of women have body image issues. So, they become very self-conscious and can't let go. This is created by the likes of media, porn, businesses that want to sell stuff. Whereas men may suffer from pride, women can fall prey to vanity. But authentic attractiveness is a feeling from within. Can you love yourself as you are?
  • Childhood Programming. Perhaps as a child you were taught that sex is dirty, impure, of the Devil.
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse.
  • Anatomical Ignorance. Ignorance of women of their own anatomy and erotic physiology. Some women don't even know where their clitoris is. These women can be all ages. Now combine this with the fact that 70% of women need direct clitoral stimulation to climax/orgasm. Women need to educate themselves about their anatomy and sexual arousal cycle, etc.
  • Outer Game Ignorance. Ignorance of the man for the need to go through her full sexual response cycle, to know the mating ritual. He needs to kindle the woman.
  • Inner Game. Man is also ignorant of the need for Inner Game, the need for presence, appreciation and integrity.
  • Incest Taboo 'The theory of The Incest Taboo is simple: After a couple sets up housekeeping, childhood experiences are recreated and the mate appears more and more like the parent, primary caretaker, or sibling we once lived with. As this unconscious projection gets stronger, we are less able to get turned on by our mate because of the cultural taboo against having sex with one of your family members... the Taboo is running in the background ALL THE TIME with you and your live-in honey bunny.' (Jim Benson, relationship & sex expert, posted 28 November 2016, accessed 29 November 2016) He goes on to suggest ways to deal with this. His suggestion of 'distance and individuation' to recreate sexual polarity seems useful - and why separate bedrooms could help passion and sleep quality (see here, here, here & here; also see here, here).
(Sources used include: Orgasm Inc documentary, especially ±55 minutes onwards; AMP; O.M. Aïvanhov)
Red Lipstick Lips

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