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Grieving Man (veggiegretz, Morguefile)

  • A 'signal to the organism that ongoing behaviour should be interrupted to take account of a conflicting goal... Sadness during bereavement... can be seen as having the function of initiating readjustment of the life goals that included the lost one. If the association was a close one, this period of reassessing or reforming goals could be lengthy.' (Mackintosh, B. (2006) 'Emotion' in SD226 Book 6: Emotions and Mind, 2nd edn, Milton Keynes, The Open University, p.72)
  • Loss of control over a source of love or attention. (Paul Solomon)
  • Behaviour that is in response to a loss of something pleasureful or nutrient. (Robert Plutchik - see here, accessed 27 October 2017Adaptive behaviour = Reintegration.
  • Question to selfHow must I adjust my life to the loss?
  • Similar emotions: Sadness, Sorrow.
  • Opposite emotions: Happiness.
Grieving man

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