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Concert Love
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Michael Jackson doc director challenges 'cult of celebrity'
"The cult of celebrity is pernicious and it leads people to go blind and parents to do stupid things," says Dan Reed, director of a new Michael Jackson documentary...

Reed says that the reason people like Jackson and Kelly [singer R Kelly] have not been scrutinised is because "people are dazzled by talent and status, wealth, reputation".
He adds: "Especially when you're very young and your idol is an incredible dancer or singer, you translate their talent into goodness, you translate their talent into the type of human being they are. You assume that they're a nice person and unfortunately that is not the case. We have to be more sceptical and we have to challenge fame, celebrity and power more than we have in the past." (BBC, posted and accessed 25 February 2019)

Concert Love

If you are emotionally secure with a secure childhood where you felt like a cherished and important person and that your feelings were genuine, I think you wouldn't be so easily hooked [by bad gurus/cults].
(Sarah Lionheart cited at BBC, posted and accessed 14 April 2019)

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