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Identity & Solar System

"Do you wish to find balance and peace? Strive each day to connect with your divine centre. Every particle of your being and all the energies moving within you will then begin to revolve around this divine centre, finding harmony and order in relation to it. The secret of spiritual life lies in bringing back together the numerous disparate elements that have scattered in all directions and making them revolve around your inner sun, just as the planets revolve around the cosmic sun. Then, yes, you can speak of order, harmony and peace, and you can speak of the kingdom of God, because there is a centre, a sun, a core, around which all other elements find their place and discover the path they are meant to follow." (O.M. Aïvanhov)
Our identity can be visualised as a solar system:-

Sun: Angel or Immortal Spirit in us all. This is the Sun within, the part of us which survives death. This is our true identity (SQ). 

Develop with: virtue; meditation, breathing and light exercises. 

Mercury: Identity based on skills. 

Develop with: skill acquisition. 

Venus: Identity linked to love, sex, and beauty. 

Develop with: inner game; dedication to beauty. 

Earth: Identity related to body and survival. 

Develop with: nature contact; touch; diet; exercise; natural family living; harmonising with instincts. 

Moon: Identity inspired by emotions. 

Develop with: being with oneself; emotional intelligence (EQ) [part of mental health]; sleep (low stress, peace).

Mars: Identity derived from adventure and standing strong in the world. 

Develop with: adventure; self-protection (like TFT); exercises with light and virtue.

Asteroid Belt: Sub-personalities or our many identities/roles.

Jupiter: Identity based on positivity, fun and resources. 

Develop with: happiness skills (HQ) [part of mental health]; goodness; comedy; money.

Saturn: Deep-rooted identities. 

Develop with: work; lifelong projects; connecting to life's purpose.

Uranus: Identity gained through service. 

Develop with: helping/changing the world; truth.

Neptune: Identity invoked or explored with imagination. 

Develop with: storytelling; acting; play; fantasy; active imaginationsocial constructionism

Milky Way: Great Mother.

Dark Universe: Shadow identity. 

Develop with: shadow work.


"We need to find the sun within us, and this takes practice. For you can look at the visible sun for years and imagine all kinds of things about it, but until you feel it radiating, pulsating, vibrating within you, it will always be something foreign. It will have nothing to say to you. It would even be pointless to go on looking at it. Oh, you might gain a little warmth, perhaps, a little more life, a few vitamins, but you will not find the one thing that is essential. The one thing that is essential is to discover your inner sun, for your inner sun is a sign that God dwells within you, and when you find it you need no more books or pictures, no more temples or crosses, not even the sun or the stars in the sky. For all that you need is to be found within yourself, in your inner sun." (O.M. Aïvanhov) 

Clouded Sunset

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