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Panic Virus graphic
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Earth wearing a medical mask
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Panic Virus graphic Immune System Quotes

The current [coronavirus] pandemic is a stress-test for our society
The containment strategies of social distancing and quarantine that the world is now experiencing are designed to slow the spread of disease so as not to overtax our medical system. This is not a long-term strategy for health. Rather, it is an emergency measure to reduce the shock to already dysfunctional medical and socioeconomic structures, and mitigate the threat to vulnerable populations. The current pandemic is a stress-test for our society, and should be a wake-up call to address the long-term problems with a medical system that is more about managing illness than promoting health, and an economic system that rewards greed and neglects the common good, and which is destroying the ecosystem that sustains our lives.
The current pandemic, then, is a reminder and an opportunity to develop our best practices for healthy immunity on an individual and collective basis. We need to pay attention to healthy diet, sleep rhythms, exercise, social bonding, and especially our psychological and spiritual health. It is also an opportunity to see how we can create more bonds of compassion for those who are more vulnerable, to strengthen the social “safety net,” and develop more sustainable local economies and food sources that are less dependent on global sources. It is ironic that “social distancing” is a containment strategy, while at the same time we need social solidarity to realize we are all in this struggle together.
(Richard Katz, posted 17 March 2020, accessed 21 March 2020)

Earth wearing a medical mask

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