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'Survival of the
Most Loving'
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Love & Evolution

A Culture of Love is needed because evolutionary science gives evidence that it is the most successful or 'fittest' survival strategy.

'Survival of the fittest' can mean any heritable trait that enables survival of species, whether camouflage or fecundity or intelligence or caring.
Indeed, traits like co-operation, sharing and compassion have been at the basis of the most dramatic steps in the history of all life.
(See Michael Le Page, New Scientist, posted 16 April 2008, accessed 3 November 2016).

'Survival of the fittest' as a violent competitive process is a corruption of Darwinism. Industrialists like Andrew Carnegie believed that it justified an economy of vicious competition and inequality. This has given rise to a corporate, capitalist dominated world, which is actually threatening our survival and that of many species.

Wealth sharing and co-operation are more consistent with Darwinism.
(See Eric Michael Johnson, posted 3 May 2013, accessed 3 November 2016; also check out the ideas of Peter Kropotkin and his book Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution)

In The Descent of Man, Darwin only wrote twice about 'survival of the fittest', but wrote 95 times about the evolutionary drive of Love in all species (David Loye in Darwin in Love; also see Darwin's Lost Theory).

Scientifically, this may not tell us how to behave - but evolutionarily and morally, it surely does!

Success is actually about 'survival of the most loving'. But we are living in that corporate capitalist economy with its cruel inequality and unsustainable lifestyle... 

'Survival of the Most Loving' primates

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