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Naked Man Sculpture
(clarita, Morguefile)

Relationship Flatline
Source: The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt, cited by BBC, posted 13 February 2016, accessed 29 November 2016)

Ancient Egypt Couple sculpture (clarita, Morguefile)
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Perhaps one of the greatest crises affecting men's sexuality is the widespread availability of porn. Whilst porn can be educational, it is also:-
  1. Disrupting the natural courtship ritual. Porn and our hyper-sexualised culture creates an expectation that a relationship must cut straight to porn-style sex.
  2. Tricking the brain and addicting men to computers and smartphones. This contributes to erectile dysfunction and inability to be present with a flesh woman (versus a digital woman).
  3. Contributing to a culture of sexual entitlement and harassment
I highly recommend:-
Relationship Flatline & The Incest Taboo
One common issue in a committed relationship is the flatline experienced in passion. This well-known issue is best illustrated by a graph
'Relationship Flatline' graph
How relationships turn from passionate to companionate over time (years)

The Incest Taboo
One reason for this is The
Incest Taboo. Relationship and sex expert Jim Benson explains:

'The theory of The Incest Taboo is simple: After a couple sets up housekeeping, childhood experiences are recreated and the mate appears more and more like the parent, primary caretaker, or sibling we once lived with. As this unconscious projection gets stronger, we are less able to get turned on by our mate because of the cultural taboo against having sex with one of your family members... the Taboo is running in the background ALL THE TIME with you and your live-in honey bunny.' (posted 28 November 2016, accessed 29 November 2016)

He goes on to suggest ways to deal with this. His suggestion of 'distance and individuation' to recreate sexual polarity seems useful - and why separate bedrooms could help passion and sleep quality (see here, here, here & here; also see here, here).

Ancient Egypt couple sculpture

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