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'Mirror or Prism' water
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Cosmic Prism
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'Mirror or Prism?' crystal gem
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Mirror or Prism

Sometimes people say to you that everything is a mirror of yourself.
In my experience, this is not really true.
It is true in some mystical sense - that all is God and thus all that we see must also be God.

However, this does not really translate well to life on Earth.
Do you really believe that the child abuser is mirroring something to the child being abused??
No! That is why I like to see everything as mirror or prism.

'Mirror or Prism' water

Things can be mirrors, as with certain
psychological defence mechanisms:-
  • Denial, where external events are denied. The mirror event may then be saying that the event does exist, your unconscious is trying to surface it.
  • Projection, where one's unacceptable desires or thoughts are attributed to another. The mirror analogy is then very apt.

A prism splits light into its many colours.
Symbolically, it shows us Unity (the Light) unpacked into the diversity of life (the many colours). These colours show us all sorts of lives, from the darkest to the brightest.
So when we view things it may not be a mirror of ourselves that we see, but rather different ways that life manifests.
We are seeing the rainbow of life.

Cosmic Prism

When people tell us that people or things are mirroring ourselves, it can be a type of spiritual superiority. They are positioning themselves as the wise ones with insight into all things. We are the ones that are messed up, in need of their 'wisdom'. You don't need such people in your life!

If people want to explore with you things like this, it would be better for them to ask you, "Do you think this person/event is mirroring something in you or do you feel that this person/event is showing you the diversity of life?"
Or more simply, "Is that mirror or prism?"

'Mirror or Prism?' crystal gem

A mirror and prism are both important in that they show us human potential.
The darkest deeds that we are all capable of are visible. Atrocities, like the Holocaust, are mirrors or prisms of human potential.
This also means that we can also perceive great acts of goodness. I suggest it is this mirror or prismatic angle that we must crystallise!

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