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Modern Superhero & Superheroine
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Dr Denis Mukwege, Vagina/Valentine/
Victory Man
(Wikimedia Commons)

Pink Water Lilies
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Trash Girl cartoon
(Creative Nation)

Waterfall Person
(Free-Photos, Pixabay)

Modern Superhero & Superheroine graphic Modern Superheroes & Superheroines

This page is dedicated to modern real-life examples of virtuous beings with comic-type nicknames. Thank you!

Vagina Man

"To be a V-man is to denounce sexual violence in all forms and to know how to cherish the vagina." (Dr Denis Mukwege)

Dr Denis Mukwege, Vagina/Valentine/Victory ManDr Denis Mukwege is regarded as the world's leading expert in female genital reconstructive surgery due to gang rape. He has performed tens of thousands of such operations. He offers free and complete care - physical, psychological, social and legal - to female victims of rape and war crimes in DRC.
Also see here, here.
He is the godfather of V-Men, part of Eve Ensler's V-Day movement [where V = Victory, Valentine, Vagina] to end violence against women and girls.
In 2014 he was awarded the Sakharov Prize. In 2016 he was named by TIME as one of The 100 Most Influential People. In 2018 he and Nadia Murad were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 'their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict'.

"Rapes and violence based on gender will cease the day the men will understand the ugliness of sexual violence, the day they will understand that rapes and sexual violence simply degrade their masculinity." (Dr Denis Mukwege)

Pad Man
Pad Man is Arunachalam Muruganantham. He has broken the taboo of female menstruation in India. He invented a simple machine that makes cheap sanitary towels. He has revolutionised menstrual health for rural women in developing countries. 
His 20 year mission has been made into a movie - see here, here.
Read more here.

Pink water lilies

Trash Girl
Trash Girl is Nadia Sparkes from Norwich, UK.
Despite being bullied for it, she picks up street litter. Watch here. Read here.
You could say she cleared out all the opposition!

Trash Girl cartoon by Creative Nation

Litter Lady
Litter Lady is Elza, a Dutch artist who makes art from plastic litter that she finds on beaches. In this way, she highlights the sheer quantity of plastic pollution dumped in the sea. 
This includes sculptures and stop-motion films, which you can see here.

Waterfall person

Superheroes and Superheroines often have precious artefacts or amazing gadgets (e.g. Thor's hammer). Here are some that could help save the world:-
  • Heart Chakra/Energy Centre. This is an inbuilt part of our subtle energy system. Many people today are too busy in survival mode or else preying on others to have this ancient and inherent technology to be activated beautifully. Superheroic types will have their heart centres clear and sparkling, warm and devoted to others - perhaps involved in larger causes or simply giving to all whom they meet.
  • Menstrual Cup. Probably better than sanitary towels (sorry Pad Man) as cheaper, environmentally better and bring more freedom. How to use one here. Things no-one tells you about them here. Saving supergirls in Malawi here! Remember: 88% of India's menstruators use unsafe materials (e.g. ashes, mud); 95% of Ghana girls miss school during periods (IPPF, posted 24 May 2019, accessed 28 May 2019). 
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