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Slave Driver
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Slave Driver
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Peace Workers surround Earth
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Ornate Sword
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Old Mother Earth
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Golden Eggs

Amazing Goose
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Nanny Sun, Nanny Earth, Peace Dove
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Earth Eye
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A black and white drawing of an ancient Egyptian slave driver menacingly wielding a whip Nanny State

A nanny state is a derogatory term. It means a government whose institutions are authoritative and over-paternalistic, interfering with and controlling people's lives.

Yet, a nanny  is a person - usually a woman - who takes care of other people’s young.
Sounds good, surely?

Shall we unpick this?
Especially the use of the beautiful female carer energy of 
nanny within the derogatory term ‘Nanny State’?

A colour drawing of Pachamama. She kneels. She caresses Her belly, where the Earth is. Her skin is a beautiful green and she smiles serenely. Her hair is blue, like flowing water, with a few colourful flowers.

Nanny State attacks women.
Nanny State attacks childcare.
Nanny State attacks support.
Nanny State attacks compassion.
Nanny State attacks the need for village.

By denying the potential goodness of a Nanny State, instead the state becomes a cruel, patriarchal, unregulated system that only benefits the very few with power and money.
‘Fuck everyone else’ is what happens when nanny is a bad word.

Bad Nanny State suggests we must do it alone.
The ability to do it alone is a lie.
It is the lie of hyper-individualism.
It is the lie of capitalism.
Even in the tiny world of supreme athletes, they never do it alone.
Only a very few billionaires and the like give the illusion of doing it alone. Of living the dream.
But it is all fake.

Why do I know this?
Because the Earth is our Mother, providing food, water, air.
Because the Sun is our Father-Mother, providing light, warmth, life.
Because John Donne wrote, 'No man is an island entire of itself'.
Because evolution makes animals depend on each other and the environment.
The truth is that Darwin gave more emphasis to Love than to the fittest. Any link between Darwinism and the capitalist/neoliberal money system is a corruption. The Way of Darwin is actually about all species working together. It is win-win. It is about being in harmony with Earth and Heaven.
Because attachment parenting - the foundation of mammalian life - tells us we need a village. We need many nannies for fuck's sake.

Who is doing the lying?
It is the demonic political and money elite. They that have the power and the money. To keep the masses as dysfunctional individuals suits them.
Because then the masses are weak, isolated, fragmented. The masses become dependent on ‘grandfathering’, the machinations of the elite and their corporations, the twisted thinktanks and cruel ideologies.

A black and white drawing of an ancient Egyptian slave driver whipping a male bearded slave. In the background are the pyramids.

Instead of ‘grandfathers’, I prefer to call these demons ‘evil slave-drivers’.
Any working together is disrupted by the evil slave-drivers.
The worst fear of the evil slave-drivers is us working together to overthrow their evil.
What does this mean apart from critical thought, protests and civil disobedience?

It means we need the nanying of village.
We need the support of attachment parenting. It is the invulnerable foundation on which the hero's/heroine's journey can be made. Then, after that, the riches of wisdom and love can be brought back to the village. It is a beautiful cycle.
It is a journey of balance between collective and individual effort. But the collective is the foundation.

Encircling Mother Earth are many people in silhouette. They hold hands. They work for and maintain Peace on Earth.

At present, this cyclic loop is being disrupted by politics, power, money, consumerism, fascism, anti-science, anti-spirituality.
We need so many nannies.
Nannies create so many true heroes and heroines.
This in turn creates the wise and loving elders.
Then the evil slave-drivers have no place to be.

The nanny state - in a positive, compassionate, supportive sense - needs to be the foundation.
PWP's Success for Society outlines many such ways.
Universal Basic Income (UBI) and Universal Basic Services (UBS) are surely two such essentials?
UBI & UBS are two compassionate nannies!

Anyway, Mother Earth is the archetypal nanny state.
She supports us all.
Yet the current system is killing Her.
Will you be the hero/heroine that reclaims this truth?
A warrior for Her?
Cut the Gordian Knot for Her?

Ornate sword. It has an intricate metal hilt that suggests fantasy, magic. A rich red cloth lies next to it.

Mother Earth is the positive nanny state.
She gives, gives, gives.
She doesn’t interfere in people’s lives.
Until She is beaten too much by greedy humans.
Then She warns us with accelerating ‘natural’ disasters.

Father-Mother Sun is also a positive nanny state.
Sun gives, gives, gives.
Sun doesn’t over-reach.
It is human arrogance that has created the dangerous-for-humans global warming and weirding.

So, there is such a thing as the positive Nanny State.
Don’t listen to almost all the politicians who propagandise that the nanny state is bad.

No, listen to your Mother and Father!
To Earth and Sun!!
Earth and Sun speak the truth, unlike the ignorant and greedy politicians and billionaires.

Mother Earth imagined as the face of a beautiful old woman. Her eyes are closed. She emanates Her presence to all who will hear. The Sun's light, the Moon and the stars are also visible.
Can you hear Her speaking the Truth?

Nanny State needs to become a positive term, not a derogatory term.
This is the sublime example of Sun and Earth.
They support us and allow us so much freedom.
But when we misbehave too much - as we do now - they are severe.

Meanwhile capitalism continues to treat Earth as a nothing, something to be exploited for profit. Earth is shite that can be turned into profit.
Mother Earth is way too respectful for capitalism.
What happens when you kill your good nanny Earth and good nanny Sun?
There is no more food.
There is no more life.
Can the evil slave drivers eat and breathe money?

We need the positive Nanny State!
Mother Earth and Father-Mother Sun require sacred status and the utmost respect.
Making the nanny state a bad thing is like saying Mother Earth is a bad thing.
But, surely you know there is no Planet B?

A fantasy picture of a nest with four glowing golden eggs
Golden Eggs of a Good Nanny State include: National Health Service;  'Private Sufficiency, Public Luxury'; Universal Basic Income (UBI) & Universal Basic Services (UBS); Mother-Centred World

It is like the fable of the goose that laid the golden eggs.
Only one golden egg a day was insufficient for some fool.
The fool cut open the goose to access the imagined trove of golden eggs.
But the goose then died.
That is what we are doing to Mother Earth.
The goose that is Mother Earth produces adequate sustenance to all if we organise equitably and wisely and compassionately.
But we are busy killing Mother Goose Earth, She that supports us - as part of the Earth-Sun positive Nanny State.
It’s sheer stupidity, grotesque greed, avoidable violence, extreme evil.

A photo of a greylag goose taking off from water. The goose appears to be coming straight towards the viewer. The photo is very dynamic.

Surely it is time to fight for our only true, beautiful and good Nanny State = Mother Earth & Father-Mother Sun?
Nanny is also a goat = Greatest Of All Time.
Respect Good Nanny State, the greatest state of all time = Earth & Heaven = Mother Earth & Father-Mother Sun.

Good Nanny State = Foundation of Life.
Good Nanny State = Golden Goose of Earth & Sun.

Please understand that we need a good Nanny State.
The alternative is a State run by evil slave drivers, a State of immense suffering that can only end in death for everything.

Support Earth and Heaven.
Support Mother Earth and Father-Mother Sun.

The Sun shines on the Earth. A giant Dove of Peace is perched atop the Earth. There is a beautiful brilliance.

A close-up of a woman's eye. The iris is a green planet Earth. There is is also a dark central pupil. The pupil is small and translucent.

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