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Book of Nature
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Natural Education

Humans are natural learners!!
They are like this for life - especially if childhood curiosity survives intact.
That is why Natural Education = Lifelong Learning.

Book of Nature

Why do we need schools?
Tribal people are experts in survival skills and in local conservation.

We do not need to be educated in schools to walk or speak a language fluently.
Our ability to love is largely shaped by our experiences in the womb, at birth, in early childhood, by our extended family/village.

So why do we need schools?
Schools seem to be necessary to make people conform to unnatural systems.
Schools can be used by states to control their people. And by ideologies to construct the world.

So, it seems that we do NOT need them...
Yes, the world is a school.
We go to the University of Life.

Here we explore these issues:-
Book of Earth

Resources and Background
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