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No Thank You Wrong way, go back sign

Sometimes we need to say "No thank you".
This is where petitions can be very helpful.
Petitions were highly influential in abolishing slavery.
Today petitions can be used to change the world.
You can feel empowered, that you make a difference.
Great things can be achieved!

"Human rights defenders come from all walks of life… There are no special qualifications. All it takes is commitment and courage."
(Navi Pillay, Equality Now Co-Founder & former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights)

"We do have the power to say no. Yes there will be consequences, and it is easier for some of us to do it than others, but finally it is up to us. If we don't say no to the things happening to us, who will?" [Mallika Taneja]
If a woman says no even once, she adds, then they will have made their contribution to the cause of equality. And while she acknowledges the importance of larger movements to bring people together, she reiterates that finally, change will only happen when the individual has decided to take a stand. (BBC, posted and accessed 21 December 2017)

Do not enter, wrong way sign

“No” might make them angry but it will make you free. (Nayyirah Waheed)

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