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Buddha carved in tree (keencarlene,

Old People Spirituality

"Ageing is often seen as a trial. Yes it is not pleasant to lose the physical and intellectual capacities you once possessed. But old age can also be the best stage of one’s life. For those who have nourished a high ideal during their youth and adulthood, many things improve during old age: understanding and lucidity, for example.
How can this be explained? It can be said that the subtle bodies did not follow the same processes as the physical body. The legs, the eyes and the ears of the elderly begin to betray them, as does their brain in some ways, but the life of their soul and spirit becomes increasingly rich and abundant. It is as if they have finally tasted the fruits of their efforts. So, prepare yourselves, think about enriching yourself within while you are still young, so that later you may taste this abundance of fruits."

(O.M. Aïvanhov)

Buddha carved in tree

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