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Political Correctness (PC) is where language and practices that may offend sensitivities (e.g. race or gender) are eliminated.
So, animal/child/female/black abuse is not PC.
So, environmentally-friendly green living is PC, whilst fossil fuels are not PC.

The strange thing is that PC culture and non-PC can both be used to pursue elitist or authoritarian goals!
And yet they can both lead to positive change in society!!

Political correctness can protect diversity by stifling uncomfortable debate.
But PC can be used politically or even 'scientifically' as censorship, to coerce people, effectively to brainwash them.

So, I believe PC can be helpful, but it can also be excessive. And sometimes it can be pursued with fanaticism and the persecution of the non-PC. Maybe what is needed is a Middle Way.

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Fight against PC and you may be a seeker of freedom, or you may be into hate speech.

So, t
he positive flip side of PC is the Jester or Sacred Fool or Trickster, who exposes delicate issues in society, often with the aim of re-establishing society in a better way. Like PC, this non-PC can be insightful, but can also be overused or used unethically, and surely also demands balanced use.

The negative flip side of PC is hate speech and discrimination. For example, USA President Trump's anti-PC policy has used the weaknesses of PC to further his elitist goals.

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PC Battlegrounds

Typically, political correctness has battlegrounds. Consider:

Domestic Violence
Punch & Judy puppet shows have been threatened with being banned because they portray an abusive relationship and inappropriate hitting. But some say it is historical, iconic - and that it is the man who is being henpecked and lashes out in self-defence at the woman.
The man also hit their baby. Supposedly Richard Adams, author of Watership Down, as a child saw the baby murdered by Mr Punch and fled in horror, never able to deal with Mr Punch no matter in what guise he appeared.
This brutality does not usually feature today, which is surely a positive result of PC.

Concussion Sports
There is a call to ban compulsory rugby at schools - see here, here. Similar ban called for American Football for under 14s - see here. Some consider this excessive and ludicrous PC. But is choice not better when the evidence is mounting that such sports damage the brain?

I am not homophobic. Yet, I read that gay characters on USA TV are at a record high, whilst strong Christians feature far less and are often shown in a negative light. Perhaps PC is too excessive here? PC can happen with more balance, without the persecution?

Transgender acceptance is PC. I welcome this. But its PC may have gone too far:-
  • When research into reverse-transgender people was blocked as not PC - see here.
  • If we are being ordered to accept the definition of woman must include transgender women. I see the intensity of the debate here, here, here, here. Can people choose for themselves? 
I am for cultural appreciation but not cultural appropriation.
Cultural appropriation is adopting elements of a minority culture by a dominant culture, especially where an imbalance of power is emphasised. Generally, I believe we need to respect other cultures, especially if the specific practice is good (e.g. unlike FGM). However, cultural appropriation often seems to have become far too constrictive.
What about the basic human behaviour of learning from others, out of curiosity, creativity and admiration? In a globalised world, we are exposed to so many cultures and influences. It is not necessarily about domination!
I am for the goal of humans intelligently sharing their creations and resources.
I have serious concerns about how copyright law works practically. I am against capitalismI am against colonialism. I am for equality.
  • Dreadlocks is an example. Jesy Nelson was accused of cultural appropriation of black culture and many people demanded she apologise and remove a photo of herself in dreadlocks. But Wikipedia (accessed 20 February 2018) claims dreadlocks are first recorded in Minoan European culture. It also seems to be found in Native American Indian and Indian cultures to name only a few of many.
  • Polynesian facial tattoos is another example. I see that using something sacred like this may be insensitive. However, the issue has been resolved in a culturally sensitive way! There are now widely-accepted, different words to distinguish between: the ancestral facial tattoo and a Maori-style design useable by anyone for any reason. Why can't we let kids be kids?
  • Native American headdresses are reserved for their elders and people who have earned the right to wear them. So when they are used at music festivals to be the sexiest woman, or at stag or hen parties, it is surely easy to see that this superficial use can be deeply offensive. Unfortunately, the thing is that feathers were themselves taken from bird 'culture'. On the other hand, feathers well display the beautiful auric and crown chakra emanations of a wise/loving/strong person, and so our psychic/spiritual heritage is being appreciated. Other cultures such as the Aztecs have done this. For me, the key is to appreciate the deeply spiritual roots - not to make it about being the most glamorous.
- Not just white people do it (BBC).
- What people are raised with doesn't necessarily echo who they are (BBC).
- Really understand deeply the other cultures you wish to appreciate.
- We are all originally from a spiritual culture. Understand this.
- We really want to show off our beautiful auras in our dress, especially at festive events. Even better to be doing the compassionate and spiritual work to create the display in our actual auras!
- Why can't we respectfully share, create Unity, have a Culture of Love?

Double standards can emerge with PC. An electrician faced the sack for displaying a crucifix in his van. Yet Muslim supermarket employees can refuse to serve alcohol on the grounds that it offends their religion. Does the removal of the crucifix not offend Christianity?

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