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Globe of Peace graphic
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Peace Lotus
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Globe of Peace graphic
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Globe of Peace graphicPeace Quotes

Peace on Earth begins with birth. (Jeannine Parvati Baker)

We must come to see that the end we seek is a society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscience. (Martin Luther King Jr.)

Rosicrucian Contribution to Peace
I contribute to Peace when I strive to express the best of myself in my contacts with others.
I contribute to Peace when I use my intelligence and my abilities to serve the Good.
I contribute to Peace when I feel compassion toward all those who suffer.
I contribute to Peace when I look upon all as my brothers and sisters, regardless of race, culture, or religion.
I contribute to Peace when I rejoice over the happiness of others and pray for their well-being.
I contribute to Peace when I listen with tolerance to opinions that differ from mine or even oppose them.
I contribute to Peace when I resort to dialogue rather than to force to settle any conflict.
I contribute to Peace when I respect Nature and preserve it for generations to come.
I contribute to Peace when I do not seek to impose my conception of God upon others.
I contribute to Peace when I make Peace the foundation of my ideals and philosophy.

Peace Fountain

One war, then another and yet another breaks out in various parts of the world. And everyone laments the fact and wonders why these wars occur… It’s very simple. It’s because humans do not know how to put the favourable conditions of peacetime to good use. Knowing how to occupy oneself during times of peace requires great vigilance. But the truth is that even in peacetime humans continue to be at war. They are forever confronting one another, whatever the area of life: politics, business, finance, religion and the family are permanent spheres of conflict, real battlegrounds. Is it surprising then that armed conflict breaks out almost everywhere, bringing so much misery with it? And then people go and beg the Lord to stop these wars and bring back peace… But what does that have to do with the Lord? We should be asking human beings to find ways to be at peace in themselves, so that then they can make peace with others. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Like a broken gong. Be still, be silent. Know the stillness of freedom. Where there is no more striving. (Buddha in Dhammapada)

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. (Buddha)

Peace Lotus

So many people believe that by changing their home, job, country, religion, husband or wife, they will at last find peace. A little quiet, some respite, possibly. But in no time, wherever they are, other torments will come to assail them. Why? Because they haven’t understood that peace depends above all on changing their way of thinking, feeling and acting. When they make a few changes, even though they remain in the same place, facing the same difficulties, peace will come to dwell within them. True peace does not depend on outer conditions, but comes from within, and that is why it is so difficult to obtain. Work on the notions of loving, of doing good, of forgiving and, above all, of spreading harmony, and a time will come when that idea will have such power in you and pervade every one of your cells, so that they will start to vibrate in unison with it. Those who have that peace and are capable of spreading it and making it real and alive become true sons and daughters of God. As Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.’ (O.M. Aïvanhov)

If there is violence in the house the world is not peaceful. If you get peace in the home you will see there is peace in the world. (Thuzar Tin, Women’s Federation for Peace, Myanmar)

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. (Buddha)

Globe of Peace graphic

Peace and war begin at home. (Mother Teresa)

After our industrial civilisation has broken and the civilisation of touch has begun, war will cease, there will be no more wars. (DH Lawrence in Future War)

I think that people want peace so much that one of these days government had better get out of their way and let them have it. (Dwight D. Eisenhower)

How can humans be taught to control their thoughts and desires so that they stop polluting nature and the etheric regions? They are not vigilant enough to avoid the pollution of the physical plane that is right before their eyes, and are even less so with regard to the psychic plane which they do not see; and they continue emitting bad thoughts and feelings that permeate the people they spend time with. And maybe these people's consciousness is not sufficiently elevated for them to sense the noxious elements that enter them either; even if they are not aware of these elements, they take immediate effect. And since everything is recorded, those who sent them will one day be punished.
We must always seek to live in harmony with this great universal body in which we are given ‘board and lodging’ and strive to fill space with pure, luminous, and good thoughts. Since these purifying currents do not remain in one place only, they will be a blessing for the whole of humanity. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Sunset person

Peace, true peace is a stable and constant inner state. Once you have really achieved it, you cannot no longer lose it. It follows you everywhere. You may say that life is but a series of ups and downs: successes and failures, abundance and poverty, health and illness, joy and sadness, and so on – it is impossible to always feel at peace. Yes, once you have learned to re-establish, day in and day out, the bond between your consciousness and the spiritual centres located in your brain and your solar plexus, nothing will ever really trouble you. You could fall sick, suddenly lose your entire fortune, be imprisoned, persecuted, see your loved ones disappear, if you are solidly tethered to a fixed point within you, this peace will never leave you.
I am not saying you will not suffer anymore. But suffering does not mean losing one’s peace. Insofar as your consciousness does not stagnate at the level of events, for each difficulty or hardship, you find an explanation or a truth that soothes and comforts you. Because you have managed to project yourself up to a very high summit, you understand that your difficulties and your suffering are fleeting, that you, yourself are immortal, and that there is a region within you where evil can no longer reach you. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

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