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Conception Quotes

Let us hope that we are all preceded in this world by a love story. (Dan Snyder)

A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life. (Dalai Lama)

When we wish to start a family, we have to make an effort to go outside ourselves, to open ourselves to another person, a husband or a wife, and later to children. But the mistake humans have made is in not understanding that they ought to have widened the family circle even further and extended their love to other creatures and to the whole universe. This is why, even with their family and friends, they are still not happy. Happiness means not stopping at one person, or two, or ten or a hundred... but loving to infinity.
So, continue to love those you already love, but widen the circle of your love still further so you can have exchanges with all the higher creatures – the angels, the archangels, the heavenly hierarchies and the Lord. Then, your family and friends will be enriched, strengthened, made beautiful and purified because of all the sublime states you nourish in your heart and soul. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

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When two people are very deeply corded, the space between cords gets smaller. If they are linked on all chakras, there will be an enduring link when the cords get thicker. Energies can then be exchanged in a more complete way in an energy 'womb'. This is where the seed of a new life can begin. This is the best time to have a child, as even before conception you are forming thought forms in the ether with the baby-to-be. Some people are less fortunate, results of copulation without deep relationship, where conception does not occur with this beautiful preparation for the soul that is incarnating. (Lilla BekAll about Cords, track #2, 3m42s; excerpt

Up to now mothers and fathers have not had much spiritual education concerning procreation. Very few people know what happens etherically before a child is born. And although there is a growing interest in educating parents, all the traumas experienced by human beings due to prenatal conditions, at conception and in the womb, are being more deeply investigated, as well as the birth experiences. Until mothers also realise what is happening to the child year by year as it develops, until people know about cords and etheric patterns, we are not going to raise more enlightened children. So, very much so, that area [the reproductive area] will undergo a strong initiation, and this will be general, all over the planet. (Lilla BekWhat is a Centre?, track #2, 11m57s; excerpt)

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Notes from
a Lilla Bek 1999 reading for Bruce Mitchell:-
  • You don’t just have a child. There is a massive coordination of lifetime blueprints of many people. It is very complex.
  • A child tends to grow between a couple’s auras, perhaps overshadowing for up to five years before birth.
  • The soul belongs to the collective for the first three months of pregnancy, going through all the evolutionary stages. Only at three months does it become more integrated. It doesn’t stay in the body all the time, it can just overshadow. The child produces a lot of pink, which makes the mother sensitive, which normally makes the mother eat the right things. The child is normally corded with the mother, they are vibrating and exchanging energies. This activity of vibrations and exchanges stays there till the child is born.
  • Around the seventh month, energy starts exchanging between the three of mother/child/father, which is why this trinity is emphasised in all civilisations. In this way the child breaks away from the womb, and is kind of born before it is born. A circle of energy is formed and the child thereby starts to cord its chakra system onto its parents.
  • We already know a lot about the interplay between child and mother [e.g. The Secret Life of the Unborn Child by Dr Thomas Verny], but etherically there is more. The guardian angels and guides and other spiritual beings are put in place. And all the blueprints start to work together. You can get a lot of ties forming before the actual birth, which can all be rather beautiful.
  • In terms of unwanted children, rape, genocide, misuse of free will, etc, the blueprint overshadows. In some sense, it is already known. Perhaps a difficult life was requested.
  • In this way, there is no such thing as a baby, as the soul never quite fits inside the baby. The soul is free to roam, to go to Spirit. Its vastness and maturity cannot be a baby. 
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