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Globe of Holes
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Public Being Tricked Globe of holes

I read an article on how the public are being tricked into buying unhealthy food.
We are being tricked into obesity by marketing.
For business, this is surely about the pursuit of money.

This is why capitalism does not work.
It not only creates an unequal society, but also has massive repercussions in so many other areas, like health and psychological well-being.

In other words, the public has been tricked by the religion or delusion of capitalism and consumerism. The mantra is growth, growth, growth. It is unsustainable and creates suffering.

When will we begin to prioritise human well-being over profit?
When will Love, Love, Love be our mantra?

We are essentially creatures of Love and all this materialistic trickery is destroying our souls, our angelic natures, our sacred planet.

Globe of holes

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