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Silhouette of
exploded man

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Silhouette of exploded man Reflexes in Violence

A reflex is an involuntary and almost immediate movement in response to a stimulus. This innate reflex is automatic and does not require conscious thought.
The purpose of this instinctual reflex is often survival.

This is a basic collection [to be expanded] of such reflexes in violent situations.
The intent is to show how someone can win in an asocial incident, as with TFT.
Watch video, then read my comments.

Groin Strike Reflex

In this video, the setting is social, but it demonstrates the effectiveness of a targeted strike on a vulnerable piece of anatomy. Although the strike lacks bodyweight, the reflexes of the youths are used against them. The striker makes the youths basically throw themselves to the floor. They cannot help it. Even the bigger, stronger, faster person basically cannot avoid throwing themselves to the floor!

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