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Solar Saviour graphic
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Saviour graphic
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We as Buddhas
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Solar Saviour graphic Saviour

A Saviour that will save and liberate us all features in various religions.
It is the Messiah in Abrahamic religions.
It is the Christ in Christianity, where Christ is Jesus, and the second return is awaited.

I believe that - as with the medicalised and technologised world - this emphasis on something outside us that will save us is flawed. Because it tends to disempower us and make us passive. We need at least to be in partnership with our Angel self.

I believe that seeing the freedom in the future is detrimental. We need to work on it now. Every day, we are freeing ourselves of personal patterns that are harmful. Every day, we can be doing things to help the world (e.g. sign petitions).

'Be on the lookout for the ways your special skills can serve what the world needs. Because we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.'
(The Story of Stuff email 9 September 2017)

So, we all need to be in partnership with this Saviour energy.
As we work with it, more and more it enters our hearts and minds.

Saviour graphic

We need to save ourselves now with the help of Great Spirit.
I call this the development of a Culture of Love, a Solar Culture.

Here are further quotes on this:

'Many believers await the coming of a Messiah who will bring back divine order on earth. They are waiting and waiting, and as they just wait, they let him pass by without having seen or felt a thing. In fact, not only has the Messiah already come, but he comes, and will be coming, every day. If human beings do not welcome him, it is because they are waiting for him as one would wait for a traveller coming off a train on a station platform. Christians await the return of Christ. But Christ is here, he makes his presence known every day in the form of light, of pure currents of energy one must be ready to receive. If they don’t feel their presence, it is because they haven’t yet been sown in spiritual soil. But once they are sown, they will be like seeds that grow through the effect of light, heat, water and dew. They too will begin to grow and to be covered with leaves, flowers and fruit. That is what the coming of the Messiah, or the return of Christ is.' (O.M. Aïvanhov)

'Christ is working in the world, but the people do not see Him. They want to see Him as a human being; they want to touch Him, to physically sense Him... It’s wrong for people to expect Christ to be born again as a baby. Christ was born and is being born in the hearts and souls of people. Christ cannot be born by a woman today. If you expect the coming of the Saviour, open your souls. He will be born there. Moreover, Christ is being born in many souls at the same time. When Christ is born in your soul, you will be useful both to yourself and to the people around you. This is Resurrection. This is what wakening of the human soul means. When Christ lives in the souls of people, everybody will be resurrected; everybody will rise and join hands as brothers.' (Peter Deunov)

'The Christ is a cosmic principle, a principle that can manifest in those who are prepared to receive it. But humans, however exceptional they may be, cannot be Christ, they cannot be the incarnation of God himself. The Christ has never taken a physical body, will never do so, and is unable to become a human being. The Christ only enters the souls and spirits ready to receive it and become one with it. This is how the Christ merged with all the great spiritual Masters we know of in humanity, and also with many others that we don't know.
Christ remains a spirit. And Jesus, like all the other initiates, had a long road to travel before the spirit of Christ descended into him. If he was called Jesus Christ, it is not because he was Christ, but because he received the Christ. And if he received the Christ, it was because he had the highest consciousness of God's presence within him. It is therefore this consciousness that humans must develop until they melt into the Divine so they can one day say, like Jesus, 'The Father and I are one'.' (O.M. Aïvanhov)

We as Buddhas

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