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Self-talk is the flow of words that happens internally, in your mind.
Sometimes, it may be distressing and self-sabotaging.

It can also be positive, encouraging and kind.
Or gradually made so.
There are many ways to secure this transformation.
For example, see Self-Love and Self-Worth.

Here, we look at a direct method to avoid negative self-talk.
It may be referred to as grafting.
You directly influence your self-talk by implanting positive words or phrases unique to you.
Sometimes these are called affirmations or mantras.

When I was younger I used to say things to myself like “I am useless” or “I hate you”.
I often said these things to myself with such passion or venom or hatred.
But after many years of working on myself, these never happen anymore.
Part of this process was learning to transplant noble mantras into my flow of thoughts.

Starry Canyon

Here is some of my most used, favourite self-talk, that I use daily:-
  • "I love you." [Often used and often said to me. Also to another person/thing, even projected out to the whole universe. But not to evil people (see next mantra).]
  • "May the angels be with or deal with him/her/that situation." [This I can use to support or help others, whether friend or foe.]
  • [To me:] "It doesn’t matter what they say or think, “I love you.”"
  • "Just got to keep going."
  • "Just got to handle it."
  • "Light."
  • "Love."
  • "This too shall pass."
  • "Thank you."
  • "God help us."
  • "God guide us."
  • "Thy will be done."
  • "All glory be to Thee, Great Spirit/God/Goddess."
So, onto those old, vigorous, bitter patterns, I grafted strong and beautiful thoughts.
I have now secured bountiful fruit, available every day.
I seem to be able to survive anything that life throws at me.
If I wake up distressed, or if I experience a difficult situation, I can just sink into repeating my favourite self-talk. This may continue for many minutes.
I can also use in situations where patience is required, like queueing - instead of getting frustrated or bored.

If you want to experiment with this, you need to discover what words help you most.
Write down some ideas. Try using them. See what sticks.
Using the words of High Ideals you resonate with, realise that you actually anchor part of you into parts of the divine world. You begin to vibrate in harmony with it. Gradually you will find that energies from there will come and support you.
So, go forth and discover your own positive self-talk!
Get grafting good things into your wild roots...

Graphic of prolific plants


Most people spend their time spewing thoughts of hatred, anger and revenge that contribute to creating disorder and disaster in the world. Disciples, on the contrary, must forget all their sorrows, torments and anger, and think only that they dwell in light and can spread light. All human beings have the same powers to create through thought; the only difference is that some use it for good and others for evil. It is not because some are gifted or privileged and others are deprived; no, the same seeds, the same materials were deposited in everyone. So, instead of giving rein to negative creations, think to bring order to your thoughts and feelings twenty, thirty, fifty times a day, so as to produce all kinds of beautiful, harmonious and divine creations. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

It is also important to listen to how you speak to yourself.
Ashleigh is harder on herself than anyone else is and it has been an important step for her to replace her negative self-talk with positive affirming statements – to begin to become her own best friend and not continue to abandon herself.
(Diane Young, psychotherapist, The Guardian, posted and accessed 7 May 2023)

Words we should cultivate within us
The words ‘joy,’ ‘light,’ ‘peace,’ ‘love,’ and ‘hope’ can serve as mantras. Imbue yourself with their meaning and bury them, just like seeds, deep in the soil of your soul. Watch over them and repeat them often so they can germinate within you.
(O.M. Aïvanhov, Sparks of Light on Our Path, p.110; also see p.33)

A graphic of two identically shaped heads facing each other. One is light, one is dark. Various lines of energy appear to flow between them.

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