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The definition of snitch I am using is: 'to inform on others' or 'to cooperate with the police'.
Snitching in modern society, or at least in gangs, is often seen as a taboo or bad thing.

Woman with hands on face, words say 'I know what you did...'

Yet it is one of the most powerful ways of exposing and stopping abuse.
From #MeToo to domestic abuse.
Living in a tribe, an issue is outed and discussed by the whole tribe. Other humans are then the 'police'.

Making snitching taboo only seems to perpetuate abusive situations, to maintain oppressive and cruel regimes.

One defence of not snitching I have heard is that it wrecks the lives of those snitched on. Yes, you have to weigh this up. You might try encouraging the abuser to turn themselves in, and/or to stop their abuse and make amends. You also have to protect your life.

But, I am making the case for snitching as a good and noble act.

Unless you are snitching to a barbaric regime.
Obviously if being tortured, you must snitch. Even the elite military do this. In SAS: Are You Tough Enough?, Eddie Stone advises delaying it for a while to give your comrades time to adapt.

Graphic of faces in dialogue

This website is snitching on modern society. It is a whistleblower of society.
It informs other humans (the 'police') about dubious human practices.
It also aims to cooperate with God and the angels, who also might be seen as the 'police'.
It aims to destroy the abusive towers or institutions out there, like the destruction of Isengard (Saruman's Tower in Lord of the Rings) or The Tower Tarot card.

No Thank You is important!

So, if humans are the police, will you stand up and look after your fellow humans?

And what if the Divine World is real?
To which gang/society do you want to belong?
A gang/society that hides abuse?
Or the beautiful community of Light and Love beings?

Fantasy of giant city angel

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