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Angel with book garden statue Spiritual Invisible World 2

How do we become aware of the angelic world in our daily existence?

Here are some suggestions:-

Try to cultivate this consciousness of divine life which penetrates all things, and you will sense the presence of angelic beings around you. These beings manifest every time you experience moments of great spiritual intensity. Certain mystical emotions, certain qualities of silence, certain vibrations in the atmosphere of a room in which you have just been praying and meditating; all these are manifestations of angelic beings. You say that you cannot see them. But can you see your thoughts, your feelings, or your life? No, but you do not doubt their existence; their manifestations and the effects produced in you are proof enough.
What we see is never more than the outer shell of things. The essence is always invisible. So you may not see the angels, but you will sense their presence, and this sensation of their presence is something you cannot doubt. This is what life is: vibrations and currents that circulate throughout space.
(O.M. Aïvanhov)

Red Angel

Cosmic Intelligence constantly sends cohorts of angelic beings through space to enlighten humans, to help them and strengthen them. You may wonder why you do not receive their help, why you do not feel anything. It is because, through your weaknesses and bad habits, you have gradually formed a shell around you, one that is impermeable to these celestial forces. The only way to break this shell is to undertake a work of cleaning and purification. Every day, be aware that by not giving in to a vice or harmful habit, you are inwardly opening a door to the beings of light. Since so many friends from the invisible world want to help you, why stop them? Clear the path a little, remove things lying around here and there, open up your heart and soul to them by saying, ‘Welcome, spirits of light, I need you, come into my home.’ (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Violet Angel

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