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Holy Family
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Children on beach
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Spring Crocuses
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Holy Family Spirituality & Natural
Family Living

Attachment Parenting itself is a highly spiritual undertaking.
It creates the foundation of not only a loving human, but also a loving society.

Try also in your busy family life to find a few moments to connect to the Great Spirit. Perhaps merely a brief "thank you". O.M. Aïvanhov says:

"In order to meet the needs of their family, some fathers are forced to leave and work abroad to earn money. Although it may appear as if they are abandoning their family, they do this to help them, and it requires great courage for them to make such decisions. And when they return, what joy the family experiences!

Let us transpose this example onto the spiritual plane. A real father, and a real mother understand that they must ‘abandon’ their family every day for at least a few moments in order to ‘go abroad’, which means to meditate, to pray, to reach the divine world where they will gain wealth. And when they return, the whole family will benefit. Contrary to what many people think, to love one’s family does not mean to keep one’s thought constantly fixed upon it. This is not what true love is. What does this sort of love bring in? Not very much... Those who really love their family consecrate a few moments, as often as possible, in order to unite with heaven, because they know that this link will bring true wealth to their family."

Allow your love to grow. A spiritual family needs to connect with more than its nuclear family or even its Village or Extended Family. This is well explained by
O.M. Aïvanhov:

"When we wish to start a family, we have to make an effort to go outside ourselves, to open ourselves to another person, a husband or a wife, and later to children. But the mistake humans have made is in not understanding that they ought to have widened the family circle even further and extended their love to other creatures and to the whole universe. This is why, even with their family and friends, they are still not happy. Happiness means not stopping at one person, or two, or ten or a hundred... but loving to infinity. So, continue to love those you already love, but widen the circle of your love still further so you can have exchanges with all the higher creatures – the angels, the archangels, the heavenly hierarchies and the Lord. Then, your family and friends will be enriched, strengthened, made beautiful and purified because of all the sublime states you nourish in your heart and soul."

Children on beach at sunset


Another way to practise Spirituality & Natural Family Living is to be close to Nature's seasons. Do or create things together that correspond to the seasonal energies. For example, here is the Celtic way [with dates for the Northern Hemisphere; add six months for Southern Hemisphere]:

Witness the stillness of Winter Solstice [20-23 December]
Celebrate new beginnings at Imbolc [2 February]
Plant our seed-intentions at Spring Equinox [19-22 March]
Dance our growing delights at Beltane [1 May]
Enjoy the fullness of Summer Solstice [19-23 June]
Resonate with ripeness at Lammas [1 August]
Give thanks for our harvests at Autumn Equinox [21-24 September]
And acknowledge completion at Samhain [1 November]

Whilst this is adapted from the Teaching of
O.M. Aïvanhov:

Spring Equinox
  • Beauty
  • Seeding
  • Ask Archangel Raphaël to reveal to you the secret power of plants, seeds and flowers so that you may benefit from the virtues that emanate from them.
  • Reminds man he must come back to life spiritually if not physically, to cause the new spiritual sap to rise within him and bring new life to his subtle bodies.
Spring crocuses

Summer Solstice
  • Brightness
  • Nurturing
  • The feast of fire, of the summer heat which ripens fruit and all other things in nature.
  • When light triumphs over darkness. If man is conscious and attentive he will receive the power to launch an attack on his own inner darkness and will have a good chance of being victorious. The forces lend themselves to a direct attack on hostile forces. Now can do, and have duty to do, some important world work in good conditions if you’ve already settled your own personal problems.
  • [On an adult note, this is also the feast of sensual fire and thus sexual excesses, but also is an opportunity to spiritualise your sexuality.]
Summer people at beach

Autumnal Equinox
  • Abundance
  • Harvesting
  • The soul must soar to Heaven, allowing some matter within to die in order to liberate new life, thus must learn discrimination.
  • The time of ripeness when that weighing you down can be released and can even bring total liberation.
Autumn kids play freely in leaves

Winter Solstice
  • Repose
  • Distillation
  • Celebration of a birth, of a descent into matter, a condensation, a crystallization reflecting winter when nature freezes and becomes immobile.
  • A propitious period for something to be born on earth. When you want to materialize an idea, a plan, use the favourable conditions offered...
Sun over dark Rio, Brazil
Out of the dark will come the light!

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