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Sun & 3 Stars
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Sun, Lakes, Mountains
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African Sun
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Forest Sun
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Graphic of yellow sun surrounded by three yellow stars Solar Culture Exercises

These powerful exercises work with Light and the Sun.
They can be done in the physical world or in the inner world of imagination.
So even if you cannot access the Sun for some reason, you can still do the divine work.
Work to clean the polluted psychosphere [the psychic atmosphere of Earth consisting of all our thoughts and feelings, as yet invisible to science] of Earth.
Go to the Solar Culture Exercises Index with links to over 100 entries.
Perhaps - as a spiritual discipline - read one daily?
Enjoy this sacred practice!

A sun, low on the horizon, shines over a number of mountain peaks and lakes

Working with Thought

Even if you cannot attend a sunrise or sunset (e.g. job requirements,  imprisoned, severely disabled, massive volcanic eruption, nuclear winter), you can still work with thought.
Also, where an exercise refers to the sunrise, and you are a night owl and rarely are up at that time, then working with thought is important.
Finally, remember that O.M. Aïvanhov’s spiritual community in France only attended the sunrise for the warmer six months of the year.
So, learn to work with thought.

Consider these quotes:-

"Fill your thoughts with light. Concentrate on light; picture it enveloping you and penetrating deep within you. If you do this, not only will you feel protected, shielded from all malevolent influences, but you will also attract to yourself the beneficent forces of the cosmos, and angels will come and share your work, and support you in your efforts. Think of light and imagine that it streams out from you and enters the consciousness of all beings. There is nothing more potent than these exercises with light." (O.M. Aïvanhov)

An African savannah, it is early dawn or late sunset and we can see silhouettes of the giraffes, flying birds and trees - as well as the red sun on the horizon

"Only one thing is really important for human beings, and that is their ability to concentrate on divine realities. This ability will enable them to continue to progress peacefully for the rest of eternity. Suppose that you leave this world and find yourself all alone in a dark, dense atmosphere, which prevents you from seeing either your friends or the angels. You are alone, who will come to save you? Your ability to concentrate on divine realities. Yes, this ability endures after death, because although it is reflected in the brain, it is not a product of the brain but of the immortal spirit. When someone leaves their physical body, this ability survives in their spirit. It is the spirit that thinks, feels, and acts through the medium of the physical, material body. But once freed from the body, do not think that human beings can no longer feel, think or act. On the contrary, it is then that they can do so with real power. If, while on earth, they have acquired the habit of concentrating on luminous subjects, they will only need to think of the Lord or of light to dispel all danger and darkness." (O.M. Aïvanhov)

From a dark forest emerges a clear path to the Sun

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