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Sun, tree, violet sky
(chelle, Morguefile)

Sun, tree, violet sky
(chelle, Morguefile)

Sun Musings by Bruce Mitchell Sun, tree, violet sky

As I lay in the sun this evening, I contemplated what is the most precious object in the physical world? Some talk of diamonds, fabulous wealth, rare art and so on. To possess such things is regarded as amazing. For me, the only answer is the Sun. That is the most precious jewel. I feel so rich knowing the Sun. The Sun is the most beautiful masterpiece. And yet I do not even possess it, nor does anyone. It is free and can be enjoyed by everyone. How blessed we are to have this thing that is so precious and that we can all share! (May 6th 2016)
Today (January 8th 2017), I came across this beauty by Karl König:

There is a knighthood of the 21st century
Whose riders do not ride through the darkness
Of physical forests, as of old,
But through the forest of darkened minds.

They are armed with a spiritual armour,
And an inner sun makes them radiant.

Out of them shines healing,
Healing that flows from the knowledge
Of the human being as a spiritual being.

They must create inner order, inner justice,
Peace, and conviction in the darkness of our time.

They must learn to work side by side with angels.

Bernie Siegel said that to be healed, find something to love. Why not love the Sun? The Sun will never reject you. The Sun is always here to be loved and it will always love you - for even if its light and warmth are briefly away, its energy permeates the entirety of our solar system. And as the Sun becomes more real inwardly to you, its warmth and light will always be accessible. Spiritual light in the mind, comforting fire in the heart. I love me. I love you. Love everywhere. (January 29th 2017)
Today I am struggling to connect with the angels and the Light in my mind. Various exercises not working so well. And so I go out into the sun and feel its light, energy and warmth. Now I feel uplifted, connected to God-Goddess. A scientist may only see a ball of hydrogen and helium, but for me this is a portal to Heaven. I melt into this Light. (May 16th 2017)
Science says the Sun is something that we revolve around, we are held by its gravity, like some patriarch. And yet this is contrary to my human experience. The Sun revolves around me/us/Earth. I can see it rise and set every day. The Sun's reassuring presence and return reminds me of a mother's cloak of protection and nurturance. (May 17th 2017)
You are my sunshine is a song that I remember joyfully. But when I checked the lyrics, they are very possessive and needy. So, I decided to reinvent the basic verse, to make it more positive and luminous (July 18th 2018). It's something I sing to the Sun or a Great Love:
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You'll always know dear, how much I love you
Please let's make a shared heart today!

Sun, tree, violet sky

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