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'Misguided Men'
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Mass Destruction

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'Spiritual Gold'
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The Glamour of New Technology

Previously I addressed this issue in Success for Society and concluded that:-
  1. We need to prioritise morality over technology. "We're at the level of infants in moral responsibility, but with the technological capability of adults." (Dr Nick Bostrom cited at BBCposted and accessed 24 April 2013
  2. We need to prioritise spirituality over technology. "Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men." (Martin Luther King Jr.)
'Misguided Men', sad moon with man on stellar backdrop

However, paraphrasing Henry Thoreau, we have become enslaved by our tools.
We yearn the miracle drug or health tech. We are addicted to social media. New technology is deified. Tech has become the Holy Grail.
Companies always are selling us something new, as it exploits an important evolutionary instinct. This instinct seeks out new things as they may bring a better adaptation to the environment.

An example
of this is Exoskeleton that allows humans to work and play for longer (BBC, posted and accessed 8 July 2018).
But what no-one mentions is that most (Rich World) humans do not play enough physically anyway. Why would they want to play more when they already prefer not to do what is natural with their own body? They prefer or are addicted to video games, YouTube, TV, social media, etc.
I can see the benefit to someone already disabled (e.g. it allowed the article’s professor to climb with artificial limbs), but for most of us, we are not playing enough.
And society is already overworking us. Why have waiters on their feet all day? Let the robots work longer hours, those that will not make mental errors.
Why would I want to run for a day without getting tired. I can use a quicker and possibly safer vehicle to complete a journey.
Would these exoskeletons be like 4x4s that rip up beach environments, the exoskeletons similarly desecrating pristine forests?
The human being is more about balance and working with rhythm, in harmony with nature and spirit - rather than always more, bigger, better.
This technology, like so many before, will bring novel experiences, but also experiences so different from what the human animal is used to that human life will continue to be disrupted with dire consequences. Read more here.

Mass Destruction imminent

Soon, we will seek to build a Death Star or Sun Crusher.
However, what we really need is a Culture of Love, a Culture of the Sun.

So, I advise us to explore deeper our ancient technology, that of the animal, the soul and the spirit. Let us avoid the egoistic desires of humans. Let us work with and respect Nature and Spirit to reveal the glory of God/Goddess/Spirit.

Do you want a mechanical planet like Cybertron? Tech vs. Nature, what's your choice?...

All that glitters is not gold. Rather than getting glamorised by new technology, let us become aware of the advantages of our inbuilt ancient technology. Let us give birth to that magnificence. Then we will have found spiritual gold.

'Spiritual Gold' transcendence

"For most people, thinking of the future means wondering what their life will be like in ten, twenty or maybe fifty years time. Well, that is all pretty poor. These concerns are far too short-sighted and of no great interest. The true future for humankind, and the only one worth concerning ourselves with, is that one day we will shine like the sun, that the universe will be fragrant with our presence, that the air will be filled with the fragrance of our soul and that everywhere we go, music will be heard because all our cells are singing.
Every day, for a few minutes at least, imagine this distant future and all at once you will feel hope, courage and life return. It is this faith in a magical future that will make a new being of you. We hear the word ‘new’ used everywhere nowadays: a new philosophy, a new science, a new century, a new era, new human beings, and so on. But how can we imagine that humankind will one day be new if we do not work for this sublime future?" (O.M. Aïvanhov)

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