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Flowing Stream
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I Simply Am
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Splattered Hands
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Rainbow Family
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Global Cooperation
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The Confusion of Tongues
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Aboriginal Art
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Human Aura
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Flowing Stream Unity Obstacles 

Here are some obstacles to achieving Unity.

Psychological Boundaries
It is psychologically healthy to have
personal boundaries.
It is especially important for the vulnerable to develop boundaries.

However, whilst within such a protective armour, we must beware of closing off to life.
Somehow we must keep our heart open and somehow love.
We may need to close off to toxic influences. But do try and find something wholesome to love.
We do need to keep the spring of our heart flowing!

WE-ME graphic

Identity Formation
Identity or self-concept is a very powerful psychological force affecting both personal and social life.

Adolescence is a crucial time for identity formation (Erikson in Identity, Youth and Crisis, 1968). This transition to adulthood is challenging and recognised by tribal initiations for youths.
However, in modern life, identity formation can be fragile and young people can over-identify into intolerant cliques or in-groups. They can then attack out-groupers, even over such minor things as dress or gesture.
There are various answers to these obstacles to unity: elders, mentors, presence of father for boys, community involvement.

Identity continues to direct a person throughout life.
One answer to overcoming any intolerance arising from identity is identifying the deep Self, the real 'I'. We realise we are One.

I Simply Am graphic

Minimal Group Research
In social psychology, the 'minimal group paradigm' is best known for investigating the least conditions required for discrimination to occur between groups (Wikipedia, accessed 16 August 2017).
  • It has been found that random and meaningless distinctions between groups such as shirt colour can make you favour your group at the expense of other groups.
  • It has been found that simply telling people they belong to the same group is enough to change their behaviour. Given a chance to allocate funds, people were more generous to their 'group' members - even if they had never met and didn't know why they were in the same group (Tajfel in Human Groups and Social Categories, 1981).
Before these findings, it was assumed that personality clashes or social tension between groups had to precede any prejudice.
Essentially, categorisation or labelling is enough to create a group and the possibility of discrimination against any other group. (Age of the Sage, accessed 16 August 2017)

Paint-splattered hands

Another fascinating example is the name-letter effect, where we unconsciously prefer letters that feature in our own names over other letters.

If such trivial differences can potentially create obstacles to equality and unity, then what about gender, class, ethnicity, skin colour, nationality, religion??
We may be born without hate (Nelson Mandela quote and the most-liked tweet as at August 2017), but there are so many influences on us that we can understand how we develop preferences and biases.

Rainbow Family graphic

We might conclude that it is okay to perceive bias in oneself - rather than condemn ourselves for being like this? 
And then rise above these tendencies, surely?

One way is to realise we are one!
This is a mystical and environmental truth.
We are interconnected.
We are One.
In this way, we minimise discrimination and inequality.
We are One.

Global Cooperation graphic

Most languages reflect a world of separate things.
A 'knife' can be measured by a scientist for its weight, dimensions and chemical composition. Or when someone talks of a 'knife', they might question whether it is good or bad, and conclude that it is neither, as it is only consciousness that makes it so, as in whether it is in the hands of a surgeon or a criminal.
But these patterns of thought can fall short for at least two reasons: (1) Everything is interconnected and 'knife' does not convey this. (2) There is an invisible, spiritual world, of which most people are unaware, so that a 'knife' also has a life, an aura, a consciousness, an energetic link to other apparently separate things.
So, there is an illusion of separation created from language and modern patterns of thought, which is portrayed in the Bible as the confusion of tongues (pictured below).

The Confusion of Tongues by Gustave Doré

However, in certain indigenous languages, there is no separate word for 'knife'. Anything is always described in relation to the context. This creates some very long words!
Applying this contextual understanding to social media, we could describe social media in the context of a capitalist world and in the context of our evolutionary history. When social media + capitalism are joined, we have powerful companies like Facebook that exploit our data, make money from us, all things that maintain separateness. When social media + evolution join, despite the vast array of social networking possible, there is a disconnect that arises from tools new to humans, and so trolling and bullying become rampant.
Anyway, from childhood, I have always considered language as being a limited tool for conveying the unity and light and love and wonder of everything. Science has similar shortcomings. Music is perhaps the best language at transporting us from this illusory world into mystical non-duality. The Way is beyond words. Rather, be present with humans. Listen to the Sun or Nature. Can you feel the Unity?

Internal Division
"Do not allow division to take hold within you, this state in which two contradictory thoughts or desires pull you in two directions to the point of tearing you apart. To avoid this dislocation, you must create unity within yourself.
‘Unity’ means that all parts of the periphery are harmoniously linked to the centre, so that the balance necessary for the manifestation and the preservation of life is maintained. This unity is the law of life. Atoms, molecules, organs, limbs, individuals, communities, countries, and so on – everything – in its own way, must converge towards a centre, must link with the centre, and must even cling to it to avoid being swept away by adverse currents. Within ourselves, we may call this centre God, but it can also be a very high ideal or a vocation. Those who fail to link themselves to the centre by means of their thoughts, feelings and actions, create within themselves a state of division that, however fleeting, leads to disorder, conflict, and separation."
(O.M. Aïvanhov) [Also see 'God', 'High Ideal'.]

Aboriginal Art

Inability to See the Spiritual Invisible World
When humans regain their ability to see the
spiritual invisible world, we will begin to grasp that behind all skin colours and cultures, we all have an aura and chakras.
The awareness of this subtle energy system is an opportunity to realise we are all made in the image of God, we are One.

Human Aura & Chakras

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