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Unity Quotes Interlinked Rings

Sound is one of the most effective ways of going beyond separation. (Jill Purce)

Synchronised movement/dance with others creates trust and unity. It enables survival, builds community. (See BBC, posted and acccessed 5 June 2018)

No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. (Nelson Mandela)

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. (Matthew 22: 35-40; also see The Great(est) Commandment)

Regardless of who wins the Academy Award for best foreign language film on Sunday, we refuse to think in terms of borders. We believe there is no best country, best gender, best religion or best colour. We want this award to stand as a symbol of the unity between nations and the freedom of the arts. (Joint statement denouncing the current "climate of fanaticism and nationalism” by all the 2017 Oscar nominees for best foreign language film, cited at BBC, posted and accessed 25 February 2017)

Global cooperation handshake image

In the realm of politics and economics, when people call for unity, it almost always comprises alliances based on selfish interests, somewhat like those of bandits who unite in order to carry out their attacks? Although this is obviously not unity in the true sense of the word, this is how people think of it – as banding together to pounce on others to expel or even annihilate them. When the citizens of a country say, ‘Let’s unite!’ and the only goal of their union is to attack their neighbour instead of getting along with them, they cannot genuinely speak of unity.
True unity is meant to be all-encompassing. If an organ in the human body establishes unity in itself but fails to work in harmony with the others, it will perhaps feel fine, but the others will suffer, and unity will thus be compromised. When we speak of unity, we are referring to a universal, cosmic unity which excludes nothing and no-one. But this unity must first of all be established within ourselves: all our cells, all our inclinations must be directed towards God. Our efforts to bring this about will be reflected in all other entities, humans and all the little scattered entities will come together to create one universal whole. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

We are all Africans, and since the bulk of the human population no longer lives in Africa, we are nearly all descended from immigrants. (Natural History Museum, 99% Ape: How Evolution Adds Up, p.4)

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided. (JK Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

All for one, and one for all. (Motto for those with a great cause)

WE image

Lady spin your circle bright.
Weave your web of dark and light.
Earth, air, fire and water.
Bind us all as one.
(Ancient Pagan chant)

We have more in common than that which divides us.
(Jo Cox MP in her first speech to Parliament)

There is more that connects us as humanity than separates us and whether or not we realize it, we reach for music in order to find those bridges of connection.
(Niyaz, The Best of Niyaz album cover)

When human beings attack and destroy one another, they are working against the Creator. Even if God has created them different, these differences must never serve as a pretext for fighting one another. In the eyes of God, nothing justifies hatred for a certain race or people, or the desire to enslave a social class. All living beings were born of God, and he suffers as a result of their clashes.
Human beings have adopted a philosophy of separateness in the name of interests they claim to be superior, but which in fact are only inspired by their selfishness and shortsightedness. The defence of these interests goes against the interests of all creation, and it will be their downfall. The true interests of humanity and those of the Divinity are one and the same, and only when they unite will blessings come to pass for all. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Be on the lookout for the ways your special skills can serve what the world needs. Because we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. (The Story of Stuff email 9 September 2017)

Kids hand-in-hand

Some unity quotes by Anandamayi Ma:-
  • When by the flood of your tears, the inner and the outer have fused into One, you will find Her whom you sought with such anguish, nearer than the nearest, the very breath of life, the very core of every heart.
  • Who is it that loves and who that suffers? He alone stages a play with Himself; who exists save Him? The individual suffers because he perceives duality. It is duality which causes all sorrow and grief. Find the One everywhere and in everything and there will be an end to pain and suffering.
  • In 'whichever direction' you may turn your gaze you will find One Eternal Indivisible Being manifested. Yet, it is not at all easy to detect this Presence, because He interpenetrates everything...
  • Either melt by devotion the sense of separateness, or burn it by knowledge - for what is it that melts or burns? Only that which by its nature can be melted or burnt; namely the idea that something other than your Self exists. What will happen then? You come to know your Self.
  • There is One unchanging indivisible Reality which, though unmanifest, reveals Itself in infinite multiplicity and diversity.
  • Try to treat with equal love all the people with whom you have relations. Thus the abyss between 'myself' and 'yourself' will be filled in, which is the goal of all religious worship.
Orange segments mandala

In order to understand what true religion is, human beings must draw closer to the light, warmth and life of the sun. That is to say, they must seek the wisdom which enlightens them and resolves all problems, the disinterested love which beautifies, encourages and consoles them, and the subtle, spiritual life which renders them active, dynamic and daring, so that they may create the kingdom of God and his justice on earth. And no one can destroy this religion: anyone who tries to combat it will only weaken and disfigure themselves.
When this understanding of a universal religion penetrates every mind, the whole organisation of life will become universal: there will be no more separation between human beings, no more borders or wars. As they come to know the sun in its sublime expression of light, warmth and life, human beings will draw closer and closer to the divine, and they will transform the earth into a garden of paradise where all will live as brothers and sisters. Everyone must accept this universal religion which the sun teaches us. (O.M. Aïvanhov) [Also see Solar Culture & Sun.]

The ocean refuses no river, no river
The open heart refuses no part of me, no part of you.
I am one with all that is, one with all;
All that is, is one with me, one with all.
(Sufi chant)

In our mortal maze we stand alone,
Forgetting for a moment our way home,
But we are the Earth, the Moon, the Stars, the Sun.
We are many, we are special, we are one.
We are one, we are one, we are one, we are one...

One is Love, and Love is one vibration.
One is joy and joy begets creation.
One hundred million fires inside the Sun.
One is who we are, and we are one.
We are one, we are one, we are one, we are one,
We are one, we are one, we are one, we are one.

(Lyrics from We Are One by Asha)

It is really difficult for human beings to truly know themselves – they represent such an immense and diverse world. Having been made in God's image, humans are found throughout Creation. And because they are unaware of this, their life is very difficult. Particularly when they clash with others and bump things without knowing that these other people are part of them and that they are part of others. This truth is the basis of moral code.
All laws about respect and love of one's neighbour are based on the fact that what people do to others, they also do to themselves. Even if they are not aware of this due to their limited and obscured consciousness, the suffering they inflict on their fellow humans also affects them; by destroying something in others, they unknowingly destroy something in themselves. So often they feel faint or experience various disorders without knowing the reason why. These are simply the repercussions of the harm they thought they had only done to others. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Pachamama, I'm coming home
To the place where I belong
Pachamama, I'm coming home,
To the place where I belong!

I want to be free, so free
Like the dolphin in the sea
Like the flowers and the bees
Like the birds in the trees
I want to fly high, so high
Like an eagle in the sky
and when my time has come
I'm gonna lay down and die
and when my time has come
I'm gonna rise up and fly

Pachamama I'm coming home
To the place where I belong
Pachamama, I'm coming home,
To the place where I belong!

I want to be free, be me
Be the being that I see
Not to rise and not to fall
Being one and loving all
There's no high
There's no low
There is no place I should go
Just inside a little star
Telling me, be as you are.
Just inside a little star telling me - be as you are.

Pachamama I'm coming home
To the place where I belong
Pachamama, I'm coming home,
To the place where I belong!

(Pachamama I'm coming home lyrics by Ronny Hickel)
[Pachamama is our Earth Mother]

Yin-Yang symbol

[Alan Watts:] In several of his later publications, especially Beyond Theology and The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are, Watts put forward a worldview, drawing on Hinduism, Chinese philosophy, pantheism or panentheism, and modern science, in which he maintains that the whole universe consists of a cosmic Self playing hide-and-seek (Lila); hiding from itself (Maya) by becoming all the living and non-living things in the universe and forgetting what it really is – the upshot being that we are all IT in disguise. In this worldview, Watts asserts that our conception of ourselves as an "ego in a bag of skin," or "skin-encapsulated ego" is a myth; the entities we call the separate "things" are merely aspects or features of the whole. (Adapted from Wikipedia, accessed 14 June 2018)

Human beings are more alike than we are un-alike and let us see that and not only cherish but delight in the differences because the differences are superficial and they should delight us. (Maya Angelou)

The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells Wakan-Tanka [The Great Spirit or Great Mystery], and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us. This is the real peace, and the others are but reflections of this. The second peace is that which is made between two individuals, and the third is that which is made between two nations. But above all you should understand that there can never be peace between nations until there is known that true peace, which, as I have often said, is within the souls of men. (Black Elk)

Feathered dreamcatcher with background of sunny sky

Pink is a colour of Love and Unity.
Colour meanings give pink as the colour of universal or unconditional love. Indeed, pink has been used to calm very angry people (see here, here).
So, how is pink linked to Unity?
Well, inspired by watching the pop song Pynk by Janelle Monáe, I thought that - no matter what our surface skin is coloured - one human commonality is that we all have pink skin (e.g. in our vulvas or in our penises). Even many (closely-related) animals have pink skin under their fur.
Then I read (Wikipedia, accessed 8 April 2019) Monáe described her song as: "a celebration of creation, self love, sexuality and pussy power", and that the color pink  "unites all of humanity" because it is the color "found in the deepest and darkest nooks and crannies of humans everywhere."

Dragon Fruit slices

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