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Violence & Common Sense

It is very important to be as relaxed or centred as possible. Before you go out, or when you are out, sink into your body, feel your body, notice your breathing, feel centred in your navel or hara.
Be vigilant!
It helps to be aware of your environment and be able to predict what will happen. Probably best not to be texting or have headphones on, when out in public.
Make use of the gift of fear - an innate sense that something is wrong and must be avoided - see here and here.
Vigilance brings a better chance to evade danger and/or act first if you find yourself in a choiceless asocial situation.
Obviously - if you can - it is best to avoid dodgy areas or dangerous times.
If you feel you cannot avoid a violent area, consider that in San Francisco there is The Wraparound Project, which reduced the rate of violent re-injury by 72%. They talk of a 'teachable moment' for 48 hours after a person is hospitalised due to being shot, stabbed or assaulted. It is a critical time when support and lifestyle change can be embraced. For example, one man who had been shot on three separate occasions changed his lifestyle and moved out of the violent area - see here.
Stalking - Put a STOP to it:-
S - Say No - Tell the person once that you do not want any contact, and then do not respond further.
T - Take Notes - Keep a diary of everything that happens and save evidence.
O - Options -
In the UK, call the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300 to discuss your options or email You can also call Paladin on 020 3866 4107. In other countries, research your options.
P - Police - Stalking behaviour is illegal. Report it.
Also very important:-
- Tell friends and family about it.
- Trust your instincts. It can be like murder in slow motion. You are the best assessor.
(Adapted from BBC, posted and accessed 10 October 2017)
[Also see Violence & Intuition and Violence & The Gift of Fear.]
An awesome free app appears to be Hollie Guard. A simple shake or tap activates it, automatically sending your location and audio/video evidence to your designated contacts. See here, here, here (3m45s), here.
Why get involved in altercations which are avoidable, when a blow to the head can kill a person?
A collision of head onto planet can kill - see here, here, here, here, here and here.
In fact, you don't even need to physically harm someone to kill them - see here.
Even silly arguments with loved ones can turn fatal - see here.
Why risk your death?
Or the life of another? Your single punch may mean you endure a harrowing legal process, possible imprisonment or the death penalty (in certain countries). Also, you will have to live with your decision for the rest of your life - see here.

This is the risk of getting drawn in to antisocial violence.
Surely, it is best to avoid fights and arguments, if you can.
Be the hero and walk away.
If violence is unavoidable, know that you can unsheathe your self-protection ability, like Target Focus Training.
Otherwise, step/run away!
On Respect, Feeling Useful & Doing Good
“Many men and women do not find their place in society; they feel ignored, looked down on and above all, useless – one of the worst feelings there is. So how then, will they use their energy? Since they are not given the chance to build anything, all that’s left to them is destruction. And destruction can take on so many forms. It’s not that they have a particularly nasty nature, but when people feel unfairly ignored, the only remaining way to draw attention to themselves, is by committing acts of destruction. Being sensitive to other people’s regard for, and opinion of you is not reprehensible in itself. However, your self-esteem and sense of self-worth should never depend on another’s view or opinion, but rather on your awareness of the secret work you do deep in your heart for the good of the whole world. So, even if society does not seem to need you, don’t let it upset you: you will always find a place where you can do something useful, good and beautiful. And whether what you do is recognized or not, it will make you joyful.” (O.M. Aïvanhov)
Dogs at home are good deterrents. Criminals tend to avoid such homes. Dogs - no matter their size - are alert, unpredictable, noisy, not so easily intimidated, and generally cause complications for the criminal.
Carjacking Tips:-
  • Be especially alert at critical areas: traffic lights, near your home, petrol stations, etc. Scan your environment.
  • A moving car is far more difficult to carjack. So, for example, slowly approach red traffic lights to avoid having to halt your car.
  • If you have to stop your car, leave space to escape by keeping sufficient distance from surrounding vehicles. In such a carjacking scenario, ideally you want your car to be moving as soon as possible!
  • Vary your routes.
  • Vary the times you leave and arrive home.
  • Lock your doors, keep your windows up, hide any valuables.
  • Trust your instincts. Minor accidents may be staged. Objects on the road may be traps to get you to leave your vehicle. Remember your car is a shield. If necessary, return the way you came. Call the police to investigate suspicious circumstances.

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