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Silhouette of Soldiers
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Silhouette of soldiersThe Truth about Killing

The startling National Geographic documentary 'The Truth about Killing' reveals that 98% of an army do not shoot to kill; 2% do, of which 1% is psychopathic, the other 1% being the heroes. These heroes have the ability to do violence yet feel empathy for the enemy. 

Some thoughts:- 

  • This knowledge is reassuring, in that it shows that humans are really wired to love. We need to elevate and celebrate this human quality of love. 
  • This knowledge also suggests we need to train ourselves in case we meet such asocial violence. The likes of Target Focus Training can increase the amount of heroes/heroines in society. Or, using another analogy, there becomes far more sheepdogs guarding sheep than wolves hunting the sheep. This will be good news. 

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