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Tunnel to the Light
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Sun-Sea as Heaven
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What happens after death? Sun logo of Project World Peace

Some would argue that nothing happens. Others might say, "we won't know until we die". Then there are people who say there is an invisible world that cannot yet be detected by scientific instruments, where we travel in our subtle or prephysical or astral body. Spiritual science has long taught about this world. Some people travel there consciously in their subtle body. Near-death experiences (NDEs) have provided some glimpses of this world. And now there is very strong scientific proof for it.

First, there is the story of Dr Eben Alexander in his book Proof of Heaven.
He is a neurosurgeon and scientist with 150 academic papers in peer-reviewed journals. Previously he considered that NDEs were fantasy, until he went into a coma due to a rare brain illness and his entire neocortex was shut down. His brain was not working at all. So, that part of him that science says is the seat of consciousness was inoperative - and yet he was experiencing being conscious. He moves through what he calls the Gateway to the heavenly Core. Now he has a story to tell. He gives a short version of his story here.

As he says, his experience is of huge importance for the world. I am happy that science in the past few centuries has broken the stranglehold of religious dogma and manipulation, but now the doctrine of reductionist science must be challenged by the truth. The refusal of reductionist science to accept a world beyond the physical Universe must surely be overcome. The central mystery of life and the Universe is this spiritual world and our spirits. Technology and exploration of the physical universe is less important than this inner journey to Spirit. It doesn't matter if the Sun dies in five billion years or if our Galaxy collides with the Andromeda Galaxy. Finally, in the scientific language of today, we have proof for life beyond death!

Tunnel to the Light

Second, scientists have announced some form of life after death (posted 29 August 2014, accessed 17 September 2014), based on clinical experimentation on 944 volunteers over four years. The research was conducted by a team of psychologists and medical doctors from the prestigious German research university Technical University of Berlin. All the subjects - including Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and atheists - had memories of clinical death. These memories were similar. The most common memories reported by most participants were: detachment from the body, levitation, serenity, security, warmth, dissolution, the presence of an overwhelming light.

Sun-Sea as Heaven

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