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Young Man Journey
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Young Man Journey
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Young Man Journey Youth Advice - Men

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Young Bodybuilder graphicAnabolic Steroids are drugs that allow your body to exercise for far longer and far harder and repair itself far quicker. If you put in the physical work, your body can look jacked and huge and it can be very physically strong.
But there are serious physical side-effects, like infertility, aggression, risk of heart attacks and strokes. Watch this. Also see here, here.
If you feel the need to get an (illegal) edge in sports, maybe you need to ask why you need to do so. Can you find self-worth in other ways?
A fascinating documentary about this is Bigger, Stronger, Faster* [I watched it on Netflix] which explores the early use of steroids. One clear takeaway from it is that many masculine idols - like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hulk Hogan and Sylvester Stallone - got there through steroids. These sorts of guys were the face/body for many nutritional supplement marketing campaigns, where it was claimed that the supplement was key. But it was all an illusion. Steroids was the foundation.

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Young Man Journey

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